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Ursa Major Update - Coordinate Contest, J-Fashion EDM Dance, and the Holiday Ball

Eclectic Doll Carousel: J-Fashion EDM Dance

Eclectic Doll Carousel, our J-fashion EDM dance, will be hosted on Friday, December 8th, from 9 PM to 11 PM! Joining us will be DJs Time Angel & Gravity Angel - be sure to check out their work here!

We've also updated the dress code for this event - comfy J-fashion outfits are encouraged! For more information, please head over to the dance webpage.

Holiday Ball

We've updated the dress code for our Holiday Ball as well! You can find information about what attendees are expected to wear to this event here.

Coordinate Contest

Our Coordinate Contest will take place during the Holiday Ball on Saturday, December 9th. Attendees must sign up in advance in order to be eligible to participate! If you are planning to enter, please be sure to carefully read the Coord Contest page - we have added information about our policies, the different contest categories, and contest format.


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