Looking for more J-fashion content? Here are some other organizations that build up our community and provide information, content, and events!

J-Fashion On Demand streams J-fashion content via Twitch to give viewers access to educational and engaging panels. They have previously worked on Purgatorio, J-Fashion Noir, Royal Vegas Online, and has partnered with Bay Area Kei to help host virtual events. Follow their Twitch and Instagram accounts for updates and events.

"The Kawaii Riot is an alternative fashion community of creatives vocal for social change. We are inspired by the spirit of alternative fashion because, at its core, our fashion is a form of rebellion, and we value spaces that represent the diverse voices within. This media platform is an extension of our team's commitment to the alternative fashion community." You can find their website here.

"O-Kei!! Podcast is a Chicago-based podcast covering Japanese street fashion topics and interviews from a Western perspective! Starting in 2016, the podcast has been posting monthly for 4 years on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. We are active in the J-fashion community as participants and artists with Kamilah owning her own brand, Hard Decora, and Hayden pursuing his career in voice acting/audio production." You can find their website here. 


Pretty Princess Club (PPC) is a group of fashion fans from North America who are putting on the next generation of Lolita fashion events. Their mission is to create safe, fun, inclusive, accessible large-scale in-person and virtual events for the EGL fashion and broader J-fashion community.


PPC's flagship event, Royal Vegas Retreat 2021 (RVR 2021), will take place over 3 days in the heart of the Vegas Strip at the opulent MGM Grand Las Vegas. They will be hosting a virtual J-fashion event November 13 - 15 2020. See the details here.

Follow PPC's journey to Vegas on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Substack.

Rosé Forêt (rōˈzā fo-ré) is a non-profit J-fashion extravaganza hosted by the Colorado Gothic and Lolita Society. Coloradans are in love with nature and we envisioned Rosé Forêt to be a magical, enchanting, and secluded get-away full of beauty and fun. We aim to provide a safe space for all J-fashion enthusiasts to come together in celebration of the fashions we love.

Our first physical event is projected to take place in Denver in 2022. Join us for a three day gala including fashion shows, shopping, tea parties, special guests, dances, and more! 


Follow Rosé Forêt on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Arisu Summer Market, our 2021 J-fashion market event, will be held on June 19, 2021! This year's event will be 100% virtual and will feature several amazing vendors and panelists, a J-fashion walk, a coordinate contest, and more!


Arisu is a Lolita and J-Fashion market event based in Houston, and is the only one of its kind in the state of Texas! Our goal is to provide a space to buy and sell a wide array of J-Fashion and related artworks in one place, as well as bring lovers of Japanese street fashion together. Arisu is a unique shopping experience, with live entertainment and a consignment shop. The 2021 event will be held in a virtual space, spanning across Twitch and Discord. We hope you will all join us to support our local J-fashion community!

You can find Arisu's website here.