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The Bay Area Kei Discord server is the main hub of activity for attendees to socialize before and during the event. Join to chat with other J-fashion enthusiasts about the event, your coordinates, panels, and activities!

What is Discord? Discord is a group chatting platform that allows you to connect communities. To use it, you must sign up for an account, and you can use it in-browser or choose to download it on your phone or computer. For our virtual tea parties, we recommend using the downloaded client on your computer. For more information on Discord, please see their video explanation 

Server Rules

  • Be kind! Harassment or general rude behavior can result in removal from this server and a possible ban from future events.

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, et cetera.

  • Unless stated, please do not give unsolicited critiques or constructive criticism.

  • Our server includes underage members, so no excessive use of profanity or discussion of adult topics.

  • If you want to discuss a sensitive topic (eg. body image, mental health) please add a trigger warning and hide your messages with spoiler tags. Please include a tag if you aren't sure. Please edit a spoiler tag in if you are asked. 

  • Please remember that #event-coord-share is specifically made to share your coordinates for this event! Please limit your posts to a maximum of 2 different coordinate posts per day, with a maximum of 2 pictures per coordinate (example: one full body shot, one detail shot). Collages count as 1 picture.

  • If anyone in the server has made you feel uncomfortable, DM an admin for assistance.

  • Promotion of shops outside of our featured brands is not allowed. This includes personal shops, websites, and secondhand marketplaces such as Lacemarket or eBay. For this event we would like to keep the focus on our partnered brands. If you have shop recommendations to give to another member, please send them a direct message. If you are unsure, DM an admin.

  • Promotion of your own social media is allowed and encouraged! 

  • Do not re-post anyone’s photos, videos, or chat activity anywhere without permission - regardless of context. This will result in an instant ban from the server and future events.

  • Admins reserve the right to make judgement calls or remove any users from this server at any time for any reason

Please message an admin if you have any questions or concerns!

Event Discord Server: Text



How do I privately message an admin?

Click on your Room Mod's name, or another admin, and start typing your message. Hit enter to send. (If you can't see a user list, click on the Member List icon in the top right of the window to open it up.)


How do I change my nickname?

Right click on your username in Member List on the right hand side of the window and select "change nickname."


Please use headphones or earbuds if possible!

See Voice and Video interface example here

How to open up voice settings 

Click on the gear symbol in the lower left hand corner (near the message box), and select "Voice and Video" under app settings.


Setting up Push to Talk

Open up your voice settings, and under input mode select Push to Talk. Here you can choose a PTT button to use whenever you would like to speak.


Changing mic sensitivity

If you do not want to use push to talk, please make sure your mic sensitivity is too low! This can pick up breathing or other distracting background noise. Slide the input sensitivity bar to increase or decrease the sensitivity. The green area is what we can hear. The orange is muted. You can use "Let's Check" for a playback of your mic input to test your sensitivity (If you can hear yourself breathing, adjust your microphone or change the sensitivity.)


I can't hear anything.

You can select or change your input and output device in the drop down boxes directly under Voice Settings. If you still can't hear anything, you may need to change your computer settings and allow Discord to access your headset/mic.


See video chat interface here

See video chat button guide here

Note: The Discord client works better than the web app for some users. If you are having issues, you can try downloading the desktop client.

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