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Bay Area Kei is looking for both

  • Pre-event staff that can help with event planning and logistics, and

  • On-site staff who can handle attendee-facing responsibilities

Staff are expected to: 

  • Attend virtual planning meetings pre-con 

  • Be communicative about their availability 

  • Be available to work a minimum of 15 hours at-con

If you are interested in helping out, but cannot commit to being present during any planning period or work the minimum required hours, please apply to be an event volunteer instead. Volunteers are not required to have in-depth prior knowledge of the event beforehand, and we do not require any specialized skills to volunteer. 

For a list of available staff roles, check out the list below!


Besides being available for general meetings, we are also looking for staff to help with planning in the following areas:

Outreach & Sponsorships
  • Cold calling (daytime)

  • Negotiate packages w/ various businesses and brands 

  • Point of contact for any sponsorship communication 

  • Assist in communication with the venue (may require daytime calling)

  • BEOs

  • Catering menu & costs

Guest Relations
  • Handle pre-con guest communications & negotiations 

  • Schedule transportation from airport/hotel/food, etc. 

  • Point of contact for guests at-con

Inventory and Storage
  • Work with Finance to track and log event purchases pre-con 

  • Help manage transportation of inventory to and from the venue

Swap Meet
  • Swap Meet planning logistics 

  • Write copy for web & print 

  • Work with other departments to publish information 

  • Handles swap meet table sales & communications 

  • Logistics for at-con check-in


Ursa Major staff may choose at-con roles that they are interested in. Some roles may include:

Karaoke Host
  • Help with queueing up song requests

  • Assist with playing songs for attendees

  • Perform general emcee duties

Game Lounge
  • Assist in the Game Lounge by welcoming attendees and leading or partaking in various board games

  • Library Management

Line Management & Crowd Control
  • Assist with lines during busy periods (mainly in the shopping areas)

  • Must be assertive and able to handle crowded spaces

  • Onboard and assist panelists by helping with panel set-up and time checks

  • Line control & badge check

Swap Meet
  • Swap Meet table check-in

  • Assist with staff sales table

Logistics, Set-Up, and Breakdown


  • Ensure that inventory reaches the correct locations

  • Garment rack & dressing room building

  • Decorations


  • Inventory (document event items and locations) 

  • Break down racks & dressings rooms

  • Clean-up

Info Desk
  • Main hub of information for all attendees

  • Handle attendee engagement activities, such as the Scavenger Hunt

  • Will require knowledge of when and where events are taking place

  • Lost & Found

Registration Desk
  • Attendee check-in and badge distribution

  • Requires customer service and handling payments

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