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Bay Area Kei is looking for both

  • Pre-event staff that can help with event planning and logistics, and

  • On-site staff who can handle attendee-facing responsibilities.


Staff are expected to have specialized skills and/or in-depth knowledge about the events we host. They are also expected to attend virtual meetings to discuss event planning. Staff must be communicative about their availability before each event.


Bay Area Kei hosts multiple events a year in various locations. Staff are not required to work on every event. Staff are also not required to be located within the Bay Area.

If you are interested in helping out, but cannot commit to being present during any planning period, please apply to be an event volunteer instead. Volunteers are not required to have in-depth prior knowledge of the event beforehand, and we do not require any specialized skills to volunteer. 


Year-Round: For those who are interested in both helping out at individual events as well as handling year-round responsibilities between events. This includes administrative work, web maintenance, social media, budget management, marketing and outreach, etc. Full-time staff are not required to actively participate in every event, but should be generally reachable and communicative on a regular basis. Full-time staff may also be responsible for taking the lead on individual projects or whole departments during an event-planning period.


On-Site: For those who are primarily interested in working at events in-person, but not necessarily in the pre-planning logistics. On-site staff are still expected to be present for virtual meetings leading up to an event, since they must have a detailed understanding of their responsibilities before they arrive. Example responsibilities include room set-up (carrying boxes, building dressing rooms and racks), line management, sales, customer service, photography/videography, et cetera. 


Pre-Event: For those who are interested in helping with event logistics or with tasks that need to be completed before an event, but you are not necessarily interested in working assigned shifts at the event itself. Example responsibilities include copy writing, graphic design and illustration, video editing, event marketing and outreach, venue booking, planning attendee activities, et cetera.


Have questions? Contact us directly at!

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