Halley, our Chair and the designer for The Black Ribbon, has been organizing annual J-fashion runway shows and indie pop up shops for the Bay Area Community since 2014. In 2019, planning started on more interactive J-fashion content for our local anime convention, and a team of experienced and motivated members of the community gathered together to start implementing in-person events. When Covid-19 hit, we redirected our efforts towards online content. Bay Area Kei was born out of the feeling that we, as a community, needed to stay connected during a global pandemic. We aim to create an inclusive space for anyone interested in J-fashion, and to provide our fellow community members with content and events that allow them to stay engaged and active within the community.

You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube.

Person in all black dress and black plague doctor mask holding a spherical lantern


Halley (she/her) is the Bay Area Kei Chair, as well as the designer for The Black Ribbon. She envisions and oversees each event and serves as the contact point for all participating brands.

Follow her personal Instagram @miscygram and her store Instagram @theblackribbon 



Jessica, or Obsixwi (she/her), is a gothic/kuro lolita. She has been wearing lolita fashion since 2012 and has helped The Black Ribbon host the Fanime Fashion Show and Holiday Pop Up in previous years. She is the contact point for panelists, maintains the website, and manages the Bay Area Kei social media.

You can find her on Instagram @obsixwi


Emma, or Nycticeivs (she/her), is a gothic lolita who has been wearing the fashion since 2016. Her specialties are all things horror and taking spooky pictures. She assists with community management, tea party planning, graphics and videos, and tech (Discord & Twitch).

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.



Mani, or tokkigo (she/her), is a creature unlike any other. She emerged from a sinkhole in 2016 and has plagued the lolita community ever since. She serves as a web designer and court jester.

You can find her on Instagram @tokkigo


Em (she/her), is a relatively new gothic lolita. She is interested in biology, horses, anime and horror movies. When she is not busy with college she helps out with odd jobs and moderation.


Mindy (she/her) is an eclectic lolita who has been dabbling in J-fashion since 2015, and she has been actively hosting meets for the SF/Bay Area lolita community since 2016. She is the Bay Area Kei Fashion Show Director, and outside of video editing, general organizing, and modding, she likes to do K-pop dance covers and read fantasy novels.


Her J-fashion IG is @mintypile, and she would really like it if you subscribed to her neglected YouTube channel, MindyPileDance (pls).


Purestmaiden (she/her/hers) has been wearing lolita since 2006. She loves quirky, old-school lolita pieces, especially when they're from Metamorphose. She assists with panels, general organization, and other odd jobs. When she's not wearing lolita or helping with events, she loves to hike and paddleboard. 

You can find her on Instagram @purestmaiden.


Pie (she/her) is a sweet lolita interested in all things food and has been into J-fashion (gyaru/hime, otome) since 2012.  She helps with panel planning and copy editing.

You can find her on Instagram @plentifulpie


Sara, or Bread, (she/her) has been wearing lolita fashion since 2011, and helps moderate events and Twitch streams. She enjoys pointy stilettos and shiny things.

You can find her on Instagram @bread.first.search

Bust up of Kelp


Kelp (she/her) has been in the world of J-fashion since getting her first Gothic and Lolita Bible in 2001, and later completed both a master's thesis and doctoral dissertation comparing fashion-based personae as represented in alternative magazines. She helps with copy editing and moderation duties.

You can find her on Instagram @itskelp



Lina, or Lili/LilianaAvriel (she/her), is a gothic/classic lolita. She has been wearing the fashion since 2007. She is the designer/owner of J-fashion accessory store Paradise Rose Shop and helps with tea party and livestream moderation. 


You can find her on Instagram @frillyelly.


Find her via shop socials: @paradiseroseshop on Instagram and Facebook, ParadiseRose on Etsy, @ParaRoseShop on Twitter