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The Ursa Major Holiday Ball will take place on Saturday evening, and is a formal dance event featuring a variety of dances including waltz, swing, and called dances.

New to dancing or want to brush up on old moves? We are hosting dance lessons on Saturday afternoon, from 3 PM to 6 PM! To find out more, scroll down to 'Dance Lessons' at the bottom of the page. 


8:00 PM - Doors open, socializing time

8:15 PM - First dance block

9:00 PM - Coordinate contest

9:30 PM - Second dance block

10:00 PM - Contest winner announcements

10:15 PM - Third dance block

11:00 PM - Ball ends


We’re bringing back a long-forgotten tradition: dance cards! Historically, a dance card contains a list of the dances that will be played during the ball. Its purpose is to allow ball-goers to write down their partner for each dance. As you socialize, you can keep track of who you plan to dance with, when. Convenient!

How do dance cards work? Just pick up a dance card and socialize! Once you've found a partner for a specific song, write down the song number and the name of your dance partner. Our playlist of songs can be found on the printed program located on each table.

Also, please remember to pace yourselves! Dancing can be tiring and you do not have to fill up your dance card! Remember to hydrate and take breaks.

Other general dance etiquette:

  • Practice good hygiene at the ball! We require that all attendees wear a well-fitted facemask at all times, except when actively eating or drinking. See our COVID-19 Policy for more details.

  • Anyone can be a leader or a follower at the ball, and both sides can ask. Make sure your dance partner knows which role you’re planning to do!

  • If for any reason you do not want to dance with someone, be courteous when saying “no” (ex. “Sorry, I’m not interested”).

  • Similarly, if someone says “no” to a dance, thank them and move on.


This event is limited to attendees aged 18 and up. A dress code will be enforced at the event and outfits will be checked at the door. You may be turned away if your outfit does not adhere to the dress code.

The recommended dress code for the Holiday Ball is lolita fashion, ouji, or EGA. We will also accept general formal attire.

We encourage attendees to use the Ursa Major theme as inspiration for your outfits, but dressing on theme is NOT required. Please see the general FAQ for more information regarding the event theme, and the Code of Conduct for the full convention dress code.

Tops should be semi-formal or formal. Examples include button-up shirts, blouses, suit jackets/blazers, and dresses.

Dresses, skirts, and formal shorts must come to at least the top of the knee caps at the highest point and be fully opaque. Leggings or tights may be layered under bottoms that meet the length requirement. Dress pants, slacks, and khakis are allowed.

Shoes must be worn at the venue at all times. Heels or platforms must be less than 4” in height at their highest point. Heel tips must be at least 2cm in diameter. Formal sandals must have a back strap that secures the heels. Dress shoes, ballroom shoes, character shoes, and flats are allowed.

The following clothing items are specifically not allowed:

T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, jeans, casual shorts, sweatpants, leggings/tights worn by themselves without a skirt, stiletto heels, UGGs, Crocs, or flip flops.

If you have questions about the dress code or need special accommodations (such as orthopedic shoes), please contact Bay Area Kei.


The coordinate contest will take place starting at 9 PM during the Holiday Ball, and winners are eligible to win various prizes donated by our generous vendors. If you are interested in participating in the contest, please visit the Coordinate Contest page for more details.


This event is limited to attendees aged 18 and up.


In addition to complying with our convention-wide COVID-19 Policy, all attendees participating in this event are required to be fully vaccinated and must provide ID and proof of vaccination at the door.

  • "Fully vaccinated" means that at least two weeks have passed after receiving all required doses of a COVID-19 vaccination. Boosters are not required, but recommended.

  • Both physical and digital proof of vaccination, like a verification app, will be accepted.

  • Masks are required to be worn in the event space at all times. Please wear a well-fitted mask that covers your nose and mouth.


Don’t know how to dance? Join us for lessons Saturday afternoon to learn some new steps and get ready for the ball! All dance lessons will take place in the Imperial Ballroom. 

To participate in the lessons, your footwear must adhere to the shoes guidelines as detailed in the dress code. Bare feet or socks worn without shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.

You do not need to come to the class with a partner. We encourage everyone to rotate between partners.

Anyone can be a leader or a follower during the lessons and the ball. We just ask that you stay as one role during the entire class, but feel free to switch up roles at the ball!


3 PM: Slow Waltz

Be swept away with a romantic dance and learn how to travel on the dance floor!

4 PM: East Coast Swing

Come learn a versatile dance that goes well with a wide variety of music such as blues, jazz, and more!

5 PM: Rotary Waltz and Polka

Travel back in time and experience the original social dances. This lesson will cover the basics for rotary waltz and polka. Get ready to break a sweat with these fast traveling dances!

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