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Jelly July
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JULY 24TH - 25TH, 2021

Join Bay Area Kei for a gleefully gelatinous celebration of all things jelly, gummy, and jiggly! This mini-event will include live panels, a virtual party, coord contest, DIY showcase, and more gelatinous desserts than you can shake a stick at! Please stay tuned for more information, and follow our social media to stay updated!


For the summer season, jellied desserts have traditionally been a great way to keep cool! Jellied foods have been eaten in many ways throughout history by many cultures, and are also common motifs in J-fashion! Though jelly has waxed and waned in popularity as a trendy food item, it will always live on in our hearts. Simply put, jelly is cute, fun, and brings joy!

This event theme is not limited to just jellied desserts! Feel free to indulge in aspics, agar-agar, gummies, jams, puddings, tapioca, mochi, naturally gelatinous meats, or any other kind of jelly-like food your heart desires! 

JJ: Schedule


All panels will be hosted on the Bay Area Kei Twitch channel


The History of Jelly | Hosted by Kelp (she/her) and Purestmaiden (she/her)

11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT (60 minutes)

Kick off the weekend by learning about jelly with resident experts Purestmaiden and Kelp! This panel will introduce you to the history of jelly-themed desserts, followed by a discussion of simple jellies you can whip up in time for the Jelly Bowl virtual party!


Wheel of Jelly! | Hosted by Mani Tokkigo (she/her)

6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT

Join Mani Tokkigo for a rousing round of Wheel of Jelly! This spin on the classic game show format will follow three jelly-loving contestants as they battle to solve word puzzles and claim a gloriously jiggly prize.

We’d love to have you compete on Wheel of Jelly - If you’re interested in participating on-stream, applications will open July 9th, 2021.


Show-and-Jell | Hosted by Bay Area Kei

7:30 PM PDT / 10:30 PM EDT

It’s time to show off your translucent, wobbly finery at the Show-and-Jell: a combined guessing game, coordinate contest, and DIY showcase!


  • Jello or Hell-no: This rapid-fire game pits Bay Area Kei staff against one another in a race to guess your answers to jelly-related questions! Correct answers will be rewarded, but those who guess incorrectly will face dire consequences. Tune in to the panel to submit your answers to our audience survey questions!


  • Fashion Jiggle: Our summertime coord contest will feature the Bay Area Kei team showcasing (and profusely complimenting) your best jelly-themed coordinates! 


If you’d like to enter, please stay tuned- the entry form will open on July 8, 2021. To learn more about our entry guidelines, click here.


  • DIY-licious Showcase & Contest: Show off your inner Michelan-jello with our summer DIY showcase! You can submit any type of craft or handmade item, whether it’s your best jiggle vid or your cutest jelly-themed illustration. We will present all entries live, and attendees will be given the chance to vote for their favorites at the end! 

If you’re interested in entering your own wobbly crafts, the entry form will open on July 8, 2021! For more information about entry guidelines, click here.


Jelly Bowl Party | Virtual Party hosted on Discord

1:30 PM PDT / 4:30 PM EDT

Join us at the Jelly Bowl Party show off your favorite jelly-themed coords, drinks, and desserts to your fellow attendees in real time. This casual virtual meet will provide an opportunity for attendees to chat and bond over their mutual love of jelly and J-fashion! 

If you’d like to hop into the jelly bowl with the Bay Area Kei staff, sign-ups will open on July 12, 2021 at 12:00 PM PDT. Since this is a mini-event, spaces will be very limited- so sign up early! You can learn more about the Jelly Bowl here.

Jelly Bowl
JJ: Dates


Opens: July 9th

Deadline: Thursday, July 15th, 11:59 PM PDT

Opens: July 8th
Deadline: Thursday, July 22, 11:59 PM PDT

Opens: July 8th
Thursday, July 22, 11:59 PM PDT

Opens: July 12th, 9:00 AM PDT

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