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Ursa Major Event Forum Guide


Looking to meet up with other attendees during the convention? Use the dedicated Ursa Major Event Forum in our Discord server for scheduling meetups and gatherings! Whether you’re organizing a themed photoshoot, need an extra player in the Game Lounge, or simply looking to grab dinner with new friends - this is the place!

Meetup Guidelines

Meetups may take place inside badged convention areas, as long as they do not conflict with any events taking place at the time. Feel free to choose a location that’s outside of badged convention areas as well! (Please note that non-badged convention spaces within the hotel are accessible to the general public. Convention attendees should be respectful of other hotel-goers using these public spaces.)

Bay Area Kei reserves the right to remove any meetup threads for any reason. Bay Area Kei is also not responsible for moderating any unofficial meetups hosted outside of convention space.


Event Forum How-to

How to start a new post/discussion

First, in the left-hand sidebar menu under URSA MAJOR 2023, click on

🗨️ ursa-major, which opens the Ursa Major forum.

At the top right corner, there is a blue button labeled “New Post”. Click this button to start a new post that other people can reply to.

This message here will serve as the main post. Please include as much information or description as needed. Relevant pictures can be added by clicking on the Photo icon on the right.

Once you’re finished writing your message, make sure to add a tag. You can see all available tags by clicking “see more tags” to open a drop-down menu. Not sure what tag to use? Select the “Other” tag!

Then click Post! Now everyone can see your post and reply to it. But how does one reply to an existing post?

How to reply to a post, search posts, and turn on notifications

Replying to someone’s post is easy! Clicking on an existing post will open an expanded display on the right side of the window. Then, just type out a message in the bottom text box like usual.

To search for a post, type your search keywords into the text bar at the top of the main Forum page. Posts that have not been updated for more than a week will disappear from the Active Posts section. They will appear at the bottom of the Forum, and are still searchable.

If you want to receive notifications for a specific post, click the “🔔 Follow” button at the bottom right of the post display. This will allow you to receive updates for that specific post on Discord.

Guidelines and Etiquette

  • Please do a “due diligence” search for similar posts before starting a new one. For example, we have several “looking for ride/roomshare/food” etc posts already started. Please reply to existing posts in lieu of creating a duplicate post with the same topic.

  • We understand that discussions can get lengthy or off topic. Please keep off topic chatter to a minimum by moving side conversations elsewhere.

  • As a reminder, when posting or replying to posts, continue to follow the general #rules of this server, as well as common sense guidelines. Please do not share personal or sensitive information. Admins reserve the right to remove your post at any time if it is deemed inappropriate for any reason.

  • We do not condone illegal or illicit activities. DO NOT DISCUSS ANY MEETUPS THAT MAY INVOLVE ANYTHING ILLEGAL. We can and will ban you from this event, server, and potentially future events.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to message @Nycticeivs on Discord


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