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Gramarye Updates & Deadline Reminders

Thank you all who participated in our 10/10 and 10/11 shopping event! We are now full-swing getting ready for Gramarye. Here are are few updates on new events and deadline reminders to keep in mind!

-We've announced all our panels! Please check out the panels page for all descriptions. Some panels are in a DIY/follow-along format, and we have provided lists and links for you to get supplies in advance!

-We have announced pre-event movie nights! Join us on Netflix Party for some scary movie viewings on the 24th and 29th, as well as one movie viewing on Halloween night! Our schedule and participation guidelines are all on the Movie Screenings page.

-We announced a couple more open spots for our Covenstead tea party, as well as a 3rd time slot! As of right now (10/16) we have around 4 spots left, so please register before October 19th to guarantee a spot at the tea party! After that, we are closing registrations and adding people to the waitlist.

-Deadline reminder: Fashion Walk entries and Pumpkin Contest entries are due on October 27th before midnight! Please do not be late, we need the time to put together the videos/presentations for your viewing pleasure.

-As a reminder, our charity drawing is open to all attendees, not just tea party goers! We will announce prize packs next week, so please keep an eye out for those!

-Thanks to all who are participating in the #instagramarye challenge! We love seeing your spooky photos for the season! As a reminder, if you complete the challenge, you are eligible for charity drawing entry, so please don't forget to submit the form if you want more chances to win!

-We're currently posting brand bios on our Instagram feed to give you a chance to get to know the rest of our participating brands for the Gramarye Weekend shopping event. We will post another video on what each brand is releasing or any discounts that are happening for the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope everyone has been enjoying all the pre-event activities! We're so excited about this event and all the extra things we've been able to add since Sea of Serenity- please be sure to let us know if you love them, too!

Happy Hauntings,



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