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Pumpkin Decorating Contest: List




IMG_2077 - Lizzy Ayres.JPG

"This pumpkin is a tribute to my favourite lolita brand, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, by carving their logo into the pumpkin. It took about three hours to carve all the little details."

Please join us for some gourd fun! Bring out your bows and lace and make your pumpkin kawaii or kowai. We encourage you to decorate within a J-fashion aesthetic, but it's not required! Let your creative (pumpkin) juices flow~

The Pumpkin Patch Panel will be streamed on Twitch on Friday, October 30th, at 9:30 PM PT / 12:30 AM AM ET. You can find it on the panel schedule here. Contest voting will take place after the panel airs. Deadline for voting is November 1st, 5:00 PM Pacific, and we will announce winners at the Closing Ceremony

Submission Deadline: October 27th, 2020, 11:59 PDT


  • An accessory from The Black Ribbon

  • Tea donated by Bay Area Kei


  • You can use either a real pumpkin or a fake pumpkin. However, it cannot be pre-decorated.

  • The contest isn't limited to pumpkins! Feel free to decorate and show off any vegetable, like a squash, turnip, or carrot.

  • Please submit images only. Video submissions will be rejected.

  • You may submit multiple images per vegetable to show details.

  • Gramarye is an all-ages event, so please keep your vegetable creations rated PG-13.

  • You may submit as many pumpkins as you like to be presented to the panel. However, only one of your entries can be your designated contest entry.

  • You may submit as many pumpkins as you would like for the pumpkin-viewing panel, but only one entry to the contest .

Submissions will be screened under the above criteria. If your submission does not comply with the guidelines, it will not be showcased in the panel and will not be eligible to win a prize.

By submitting your media via the entry form, you acknowledge and understand that you are granting Bay Area Kei a limited license to (1) edit your images and repost them to the Bay Area Kei social media channels, including (though not limited to) Facebook and Instagram; and (2) showcase your entry during the Pumpkin Decorating Contest panel, which will be aired on our YouTube and Twitch.

Submissions will be screened, and we reserve the right to reject any entry.


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