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Instagram Challenge: List


A trial awaits you…


Join us for a month-long Instagram challenge to keep yourself engaged before and during our event! If you complete the challenge, you are eligible for a Charity Drawing entry. Here's how to participate:​

  • Check out our #instagramarye social media post on Instagram

  • Post on your own Instagram feed when you have completed any of these tasks, and make sure your Instagram is set on public so we can see your posts.

  • You may complete this list in any order. You may post separate posts for each challenge or group tasks within one post (for example, want to dress in a magic-themed coord with your fluffy familiar? That’s two tasks completed! We love efficiency.)

  • Tag every post with #gramarye2020 and #instragramarye! 

  • When you have completed the challenge, please fill out a raffle entry form in order to receive your charity drawing entry.  ​​

  • Deadline to submit your form and redeem your charity drawing entry is November 1st, 5:00 PM Pacific Time. 


VORACIOUS: Make a spooky snack
SPELLBOUND: Dress in a magical coord
WITCHCRAFT: DIY any Halloween craft
FAMILIAR: Take a coord picture with a pet or plushie OR Take a picture of a dressed up pet or plushie
GLAMOUR: Put up some Halloween decor
EQUAL EXCHANGE: Show off a purchase from one of our participating brands

Skull and lit candles in the dark with Instagramarye prompts
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