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March Madness!

We’re all mad here… because it’s time for March Madness! Last month, we asked our bloggers to make match-ups of any topic of their choice - from brands, prints, or types of J-fashion media, they have pitted some fierce competitors against each other to see who comes out on top!

Avina-Kei - Bibliotheca: March Madness!

Come for the bracket, stay for the detailed list of alternative Japanese fashion magazines!

Cupcakes & Unicorns - Very Subjective March Madness of Select Indie Brands

Curious about common indie brands? Cupcake Kamisama breaks down the pros and cons of each (which you should all check out!)

frillSquid - Bibliotheca: March(ing) Music Madness

Thirty-two music themed main pieces??? And that’s AFTER a cut? Find out which dresses had to face the music in frillSquid’s massive bracket

Lovelylaceandlies - Secondhand Lolita Markets - Shoes

Wondering where to buy secondhand lolita or what shoes to match with coordinates? Jenna has not one, but two very helpful brackets for you!

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: March Madness

As we’ve learned from Fruit Frenzy, strawberries may have the numbers, but don’t underestimate lemons!

Nycticeivs - Nun-derdome: The Recap

Emma’s Nun-derdome bracket of nun-themed lolita dresses - which ones will ascend to heaven, and which ones shall be sent below?


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Oldschool lolita vs the 'old money'

Curious about current design discussions on that app the young’uns use? Cupcake Kamisama gives her analysis of the bigger conflict

No Buy Support Wardrobe Challenge: Favourite Piece 2 Ways

Want to participate? Check out this post on a popular new challenge!

Pet Peeve and a Petty Rant about Bustles

Kelp’s classic lolita tip for wrinkly bustles - little baby handheld steamer! Make sure to use distilled water, and try not to think about how fast it will re-wrinkle, heh.

1 Dress 5 Looks Take 57

Let’s be real - any dress is Versatile if you have enough Style. Get it? It rhymes- oh okay. Sorry.


Bay Area Kei

Fun, Fresh, & Fabulous - Fruit-Themed J-Fashion Shopping!

Are you looking to deck yourself out with fruit and fruit-themed accessories? Look no further - this list is chock full of fruity offerings from indie brands!

Peaches and Whipped Topping

What time is it? Gelatin time! Also a Jell-O March Madness bracket, courtesy of Kelp.


Hello Lizzie Bee


Looking for hime gyaru inspo? Look no further!


What do gals do at a meetup? Shockingly, purikura is involved (who would’ve guessed?)


Hey, it’s our event! Thanks for participating!


Curious about mid-00’s koakuma kei? Take a peek at this well-known gyaru mag!


Josine Maaike

Review: Miss Danger “The Kiss” dress🖤✨

Another painting dress? Not quite! Check out this review of a unique OP!


Liliana Rowena

Trending Makeup in Cute Fashion: Douyin Makeup!

Is strong blush back? Or did it never leave🤔

Tips for Selling Clothes Online

With in-person swap meets few and far between, basic tips for online sales!



How to handle a bad transaction on Lacemarket

Advice for the inevitable, as well as tips to spot shady listings before you buy

How to make a lolita skirt for under $10

Have a stash that needs busting? Good with rectangles? This post is for You

The “rules” and the poetry of lolita coordinates

What are ‘the rules’? What is ‘against the rules’? Jenna’s thoughts~

Weighing common items in lolita fashion (so you can estimate shipping costs)

How many grams is an OP? Jenna gets out the scale so you don’t have to!


Mahou Queen

International Ita Day 2022

Tired of “the rules”? Wanna get wild and be sexy? (Oh, wait, that’s gyaru.) Anyways, check out Mahou Queen’s coord for the latest in lolita…holidays???

Tora Con 2022 Recap

I mean, it’s the Year of Tora, so how could this not be a good time?


R.R. Memorandum

Introducing YUME book

Did you know the juxtaposition of lifestyle content with fashion is an essential tactic of -sorry went into magazine researcher mode there. Submissions for content are open! Click thru for details!



Genshin Impact Themed Cafe | Harbor Lantern Festival at Popfancy

I’m resisting the urge to fill this description with Jenshin memes, so I’ll just say the usual “don’t read this hungry!”

My Most Expensive Ouji Fashion Outfit

Honestly, the most impressive thing here is Stephano having pretty good records of what she paid for any given item…

Sakura Bokksu Snack Unboxing Review + Promo Code

Did you know sakura petals in Japanese desserts are usually preserved by pickling? Even more fun food facts await in this snack box review!


Sweet Dreams

Yesstyle Haul & Recent Treats

Beauty products and…beef curry? Check out Sei’s latest buys!

I Tried Chopa's Makeup 🤠

Ever see someone’s makeup and doubt you could do the same? Sei attempts a classic, but challenging look in this secretly motivational post~

Combining Chopa's Makeup with Mine! 🙈 The eye makeup experiments continue in this follow-up where Sei tries to make the look her own 👀

🎉 Birthday Celebrations - Part 1💖

What was this post about? I got distracted by the jelly dessert… (can you tell who writes these?)

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