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Fun, Fresh, & Fabulous - Fruit-Themed J-Fashion Shopping!

It's March, and we are celebrating nature's bounty - check out our list of fruit-themed items you can purchase from some of our affiliated vendors right now!

Art - Stickers / Prints

Pins / Brooches

Lolita Fashion

Hats / Hair Accessories


Jewelry / Accessories


The Angelic Forest - Dreamy Strawberry Desserts Art Print

Kei Collective / Coffee Cakey - Strawberry Lolita

Yumiyumyum Illustrations - Isabelle Print

Kei Collective / Lulu Van Hoagland - Strawberry Split Sticker

Kei Collective / Ocean in Space - Strawberry Crown Vinyl Sticker

Deuxmia - Sweet Things Print

Sugarstar Cafe - Stationary Sets / Stickers


Lily of the Valley - Printed Fruit Brooches

Sweet Juju / Lulu Van Hoagland - Sick Sweets Strawberry Girl Enamel Pin

Kei Collective / Tawny Illustrations - Lemon Fruit Kitties Enamel Pin

Geenie Jay - Fruit Pins


Pop Princess - Strawberry Dream Apron

KuroShiro Kawaii / Kaneko - THE FEAST Skirt

Eat Me Ink Me - Old Master's Redoux OP & Skirt

Puvithel - Dogs and Desserts Strawberry JSK

Belladonna - Charming Cherry JSK / Strawberry Flannel Bloomers

Romantic Serenade - Tiered Lace Cherry Wristcuffs


TeaLoveCrochet - Fruit Berets

Glitter Bones Boutique - Fruit Berets

Kei Collective / Sudi Bear - Lemon Beret

Kei Collective / Ocean in Space - Strawberry Hat

The Lolita Collective / Spicy Donuts - Strawberry Beret

TwyliteFashion - Ichigo Flower Hair Bow Series

TourNewSoul - Strawberry Shortcake Mini Cake Slice Hat

PlusHii Kawaii - Strawberry Witch Hat

My Morning Tea - Strawberry Hair Clips


Kei Collective / Miss Candyholic - Strawberry Peplum Blouse / Strawberry Gingham Smock Dress

The Lolita Collective / Yoshidayu - Rilakkuma Lemon T-Shirt

Geenie Jay - Strawberry Bun Longsleeve Tee

Cottonbook - Bruch Date / Berry Bunny Cotton Button Down Shirts

L.o.M.O. Loungewear - Black Forest / Strawberry Vanilla Layer Cake Sweater

The Lolita Collective / Roji Roji - Paper Fruit Tights

Emily Temple Cute - Vintage Strawberry Blouse


Kei Collective / Sugared Sunset - Lemon Meringue Pie Earrings

The Lolita Collective / Interspecies Friendship - Fruit Earrings

The Lolita Collective / Lady Sloth - Very Berry Necklace

Dandy Puppeteer - Strawberry Meow Necklace & Rings

Frilled to Death Nails - Cherry Nail Set

Belladonna - Yummy Bakery Face Mask / Tea Time Face Mask

Belladonna - Fruit Earrings

Peach Chookie Shoppe - StrawBertie SwitchPal, Sticker Set, and Strawberry Dress

Paradise Rose Shop - Resin Fruit Necklaces

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