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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ J(e)anuary 2023: Challenges

Is it time to d-d-d-duel? Oh, not that kind of challenge? My bad.

Dearie Dawn - Challenges in J-Fashion

Can’t count how many times people have put on their petticoat in the parking lot (I swear this is related)

frillSquid - Bibliotheca: Challenges I too, would like to be signed up for a Big Challenges-themed clothing collection

Kelp - The Anti-Wardrobe Post Kelp makes a bunch of excuses for never doing a wardrobe post…Are they valid? You’ll have to click to find out!

Lovelylaceandlies - EGL Wardrobe Challenge: Storage

Really empathize with “you can’t put something in its place if you have no space”...

Luna by the Lake with Cake - Lolita Fashion Resolutions 2023 | Bibliotheca: Challenges

Thanks for reading the newsletter! Sincerely, the person who writes the newsletter.

昔のSewing - How We Challenge Ourselves

Reader, I’ll be honest - I got very distracted by a mention of The Untamed while reading this post…

Nycticeivs - The Misery Project: My 2022 Monthly Coord Videos

The clock app videos give me vertigo so I'll just watch y'all from over here...

Stephano - Challenging myself to try 100 new restaurants in a year

“Eating with Stephano” predictably means eating a lot!

Wear Your Bows - New Year- New Goal!

Like that TEETH TEETH TEETH meme, except it’s TEA TEA TEA



More Than Just Rocking Horse Shoes

Looking beyond the orb at one of the seminal figures of punk fashion


Cupcakes & Unicorns

December Coords Round-up Exactly what it sounds like! You’ll ooh, you’ll ah, you’ll maybe even leave a nice comment!

2023 Lolita Goals

Ah yes, wardrobe cataloging rears its time-consuming head once again.

2023 Wish/Need/Replace List

Always in awe at how organized some of y’all are about this stuff.

Reviewing My No Buy Rules

A..Spray Bottle channel? That and more in this discussion of (not) spending!

January Coords Roundup

You know the drill.


Dearie Dawn

Favourite Moments of 2022 (lolita, art, friends)

Looking back at a fun-filled year!



If I Started Again. . .

It is indeed truly so much easier to Buy Things nowadays…


Josine Maaike

My Tacky Old School Wardrobe 2023

RIP Visible…


Hello Lizzie Bee

E-girl vs gyaru makeup

Lizzie shares some make-up tips from fellow gyaru Chopa!

GO!GO!→Goals for 2023! ♡

January is the time for goals, after all!

AmzyBee date + hime gal co*de

This reminds me, I have to re-do my own nails…

Ski gets!

Trying to be cute and warm is luckily a lot easier nowadays!

LNY! Year of the rabbit🐇

It’s true, it is My Melo’s year!



Year of the Rabbit

New year, new cross-stitch pattern! Who’s that Pokemon(‘s eyes)? Why is there a photo of a vole? And more~

Curtains – Looking back at Takahashi Yukihiro

Do you like synthpop? Then you’ll prolly like this post (except the occasion of me making it).



BAK Holiday Pop-up 2023 – Event Report

There’s no badges, so it’s NOT A Convention!

Lolita Fashion 101: Styling Skirts slides (Anime Los Angeles)

With this, you can pretend you were really there!

Cygnus OP – The Black Ribbon – Indie Brand Review

Hey, I know that brand!


Luna by the Lake with Cake

Will I Wear Lolita Fashion Forever?

Kelp’s takeaway from this is “wait, did we ever really figure out what lifestyle lolita even was??”


Mahou Queen

Lolita Wrapped 2022

It’s one of those big question social media things!

My Favorite Vivienne Westwood Designs

Looking at some iconic accessories from VW~

Lolita Wardrobe Tour: 2023

Love the In Memoriam section at the end 🪦



One Little Word: Illuminate

Again, tis the season for goal-setting!

Edo Period Mirror Restoration: The Beginning, The Polishing (Stage 1)

Love me some friends of winter!

Edo Period Coat Restoration: The Quilted Lining (Stage 3)

Hand sewing is a slog sometimes…


of thread and mind

alterations & me

I had only one thought reading this post: My old nemesis, Armscye Depth


Pretty Princess Club

RVR 2023: An Update

Future plans for future events!



New Weekend Brunch at The Upside Pub

Do people still use the term “gastro-pub”? This linguist wants to know.

Kittykaya Lolita Fashion Show at A-Kon

The third brand featured at 2022’s fashion show, showcasing cute, casual looks!

Vivienne Westwood: In Memorium

anarchymarie guest posts a detailed retrospective of the designer and her wide-ranging impact.


Sweet Dreams

💖 Summer, Fall & Winter 2022 Makeup & Skincare Gets ✨

A lash shelf, eh? *takes gyaru notes*

We Ate Michelin Starred Sushi 😱

WARNING: this post contains a lot of sushi photos! Prepare yourself.

New Job 💖

Do any of your offices have wild interior decorating? (None of mine ever did…)

[Tutorial] Glam Smokey Eye, [Tutorial] Daily Gyaru Makeup for Glasses

Tips and tricks!

[Sponsored] MyEOTD | Gemhour Demeter Ash Brown Lens Review (+ tutorial!), Flower Knows Cosmetics Haul & Review

Sei shares her opinion on some recent acquisitions!


Wear Your Bows

December Outfits!

I bet you can guess what this post is about…

1 year Checkin

Psst, good news - embroidery is a really cheap hobby! (This is relevant, I swear.)

First Tea Review- Casting Whimsy in Woodstock IL

Eggnog scones? Hmm…

Tea Review- Tea Time in Palo Alto, CA

I have been enlightened to a new way of making tea sandwiches…

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