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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ June 2022 Blog Posts

The blog topic for June was 'Tutorial', or 'Junetorial'! If you're interested in learning a plethora of different skills, you've come to the right place!

Crimson Reflections - Bibliotheca Junetorial: Identifying Mystery Items

Have an UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object) and don't know how to ID it? Raine take us step-by-step through the methods of identifying mystery lolita items!

I Don't Know Much, But I'm Learning - Bibliotheca June Prompt: Tutorial

Kathryn has compiled a handy dandy list of different mori-friendly tutorials for all you DIY experts!

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: Junetorial

Boy do I love jelly donuts, I mean, rice balls. Mahou Queen shows us how to make her picture-perfect (extremely triangular) onigiri!

Sweet Dreams - How I Prep for Makeup Application & Take Closeup Photos

Curious about how makeup gurus get those perfect close-up face shots? Turns out, you need to prep your face for the camera! Sei shows us her tips and tricks, as well as some useful products!


Crimson Reflections

100 Questions to Lolita (2001 Quiz)

Take a walk down memory lane with this lolita fashion quiz from 2001! Do any of you remember filling these out back in the day?


Cupcakes and Unicorns

A Slightly Different Kind of Lolita Lifestyle

Cupcake Kamisama's experience using a dedicated planner app to implement lolita into her life in small ways.

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 60

See how Cupcake Kamisama coordinates Ginza Kissaten in varying shades of delicious food!

No Buy Support Wardrobe Challenge: A Coord with a Never Worn Blouse

A fancy blouse deserves a fancy outfit. Cupcake Kamisama pairs one that she's never worn before with a black, white, and red ensemble!

Advanced Coordinating: #10 - How to Look Expensive in Lolita?

Advice on how make your coords look more polished and put together, regardless of the cost!



How to Take a Break

Take a break, you deserve it.


Hello Lizzie Bee


Lizzie answers the question "Can I be gyaru without makeup?" Spoiler alert, the answer is no, but you should read this to find out why.


We love a makeover! Someone give me a gal makeover please.


Images of gyaru model, Nanako! Check out this post for hime, agejo, and onee inspo.



10 LGBTQIA+ owned j-fashion brands to support this Pride

June may be Pride Month, but July is Gay Wrath month. Here's a list of indie brands to support!

JBTK: A La Carte issue Review

Feeling hungry... for fashion? Jenna reviews the food-themes issue of Just Below the Knees, a lolita fashion zine.

Orchard JSK – EMIM – Indie Brand Review

Eat Me Ink Me is a Latvian-based indie lolita brand that makes historical and art-inspired designs. Jenna travelled to San Jose for FanimeCon and attended the J-Fashion Trunk Show, an J-Fashion-exclusive vending hall, and while she may not have expected to fall in love with the dress she purchased, love is often unexpected like that.

5 things I learned modeling in a j-fashion show

Jenna participated as a model for The Black Ribbon in the Elegant Fashion Show at Fanime - read about her experience modelling here! (Also check out her report on the Elegant Fashion Show and the Pop! Fashion Show.)


Mahou Queen

International Lolita Day 2022

Mahou Queen's first foray into hosting a larger meet was her comm's Summer ILD, which consisted of a shopping expedition followed by a lovely dinner!

Welcome to my She Shed: Entry 1

Mahou Queen's first installment of a series of blog posts about her home office improvement project. Check out the cute artwork she hung up and framed!

Paradiso and the Death of Lolita Fashion Events

Sadly, this year's Paradiso was also the last one. Mahou Queen goes over the history of larger-scale Western lolita events and speculates on the future of these kinds of events.

Strawberry Festival Recap

It looked like a berry good time!



Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Embroidery

Victorix pulls a Momoko and uses embroidery to cover some stains on a vintage kimono.

Review: Paradiso 2022

Victorix attended the Paradiso with a golden ticket - check out her experience of the swap meet, VIP shopping, fashion show, tea party, and more!



LEVEL UP ’90s Anime Arcade Themed Cafe at Popfancy

ONLY 90s KIDS REMEMBER but now you can also experience the 90s at this themed cafe! Also, as usual, Buttcape has made me very hungry with pictures of food.


Sweet Dreams

💖 Salon Day ft. New Nail Set 💅🏻

Check out Sei's latest nail set, featuring purple glitter and a Vivienne Westwood orb charm!

💖 Recent Gifts from Friends 🎁

Friendship is magic and also sometimes you receive gifts!

💍 New Jewelry Gets ✨

Sei reviews some items from Another Chance to Luxe, a brand that repurposes hardware from designer items to make into jewelry!

💖 Sephora Haul & Gifts from Mando 🥰

Sei's most recent makeup haul, with accompanying looks!

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