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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ July 2022: Vacation!

The July Bibliotheca theme was 'Vacation', in honor of summer break (that most of us no longer get to experience, RIP). We've asked our bloggers to explore this theme by writing about their travel experiences, tips on how to travel in lolita, dream vacations, or exploring destinations within their own cities.

Bay Area Kei - Bibliotheca July: Vacation - Bay Area Kei goes south!

Some of the Bay Area Kei team travelled down to Orange County in Southern California to help out with a swap meet - check out how each member spent their time!

Crimson Reflections - Bibliotheca July Travel: A Spring Tea

Navigating the challenges of tea in the time of covid, Raine Dragon shares with us how she prepped and planned for an intimate family gathering.

Dearie Dawn - J-fashion Friendly Guide to Toronto

Headed to the Great White North? Check out this detailed list of cafes, shops, and other sightseeing locations for any J-fashion jet-setter!

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: Vacation

Just how do you pack a petticoat? Perennial tips for fitting lolita in your luggage, along with musings on dream destinations for the ultimate coord shot.

昔のSewing - Bibliotheca July: Vacation!

A look back to the vacationing trends of the 19th-century...and what everybody was wearing, of course.


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Lolidrobe Reassessment Post 2022.02

Where does the time go? (If you find it, please share with the class.) Cupcake Kamisama gives a sartorial editorial- wait that pun doesn't quite work. Just click the link.

Graduation outfits I could've worn and didn't

A sub what now? (Fun fact: Kelp wore Innocent World's Random Dot JSK to the only commencement ceremony she bothered showing up for.)

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 61

Us Northern Hemisphereans know that now isn't quite the time for velvet OPs, but you can always plan ahead, right?

No Buy Support Wardrobe Challenge: 1 Piece, 4 Seasons

Who doesn't love a bitchy cat print! The surprising versatility of Angelic Pretty's Cinema Doll


Dear Gabriella Marie

Michigan EGL Society’s Sweet 16 Anniversitea

A detailed account of a marvelous event at Meadow Brook Hall - the Michiganders really know how to (tea) party!


Dearie Dawn

World of Barbie Experience (My early birthday celebration!)

Who doesn't know Barbie and her many hobbies, like tennis, food science... and #vanlife? (Actually that last one does make a lot of sense.)


Hello Lizzie Bee

My agejo wardrobe ♡♡

Lizzie snaps pics of her agejo attire and I wonder why we still don't quite have the tech from 1995 classic teen comedy Clueless...

Early Halloween GETS

You know we don't judge here.

Makeup challenge! Aina Tanaka

Lizzie certainly wasn't feeling blue after this attempt at an iconic eye look👁

One item four ways ♡ polka dot top

Is your coord truly complete without a cute character bag?

Hyper Japan ’22 + GAL me2!

Just gals being pals! No, uh, really, tho.


Josine Maaike

Print Details: Peace Now Tartan and Fur Wool JSK🎀

Okay, Kelp's gotta know - who else clicked thru and thought "old Jane Marple?"



Fanime Event Report 2022 – Pop! Designers Q&A

Shamelessly stealing Jenna's own "just like super villains, the designers were eager to share their origin stories" for this one.

4 reasons to attend your next community swap meet

Spoiler alert: one is Instant Gratification (ohhh yeaaaah!)


Mahou Queen

100 Questions to Lolita – 2001 Quiz

Big livejournal energy with this throwback quiz!

Planning Lolita Coords

Are you one of the spreadsheet people? (It's okay, you're in good company.)

Monthly Lolita Finds: July 2022

A short but sweet summary of Mahou Queen's singular get



Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Reveal

You know Bay Area Kei loves to see it! And by it I mean Taisho Roman. In this context.

Victorian Era Undergarments: The Chemise Sewing Stage 3, Stage 4, Finishing

Every sewist knows that garment, at the end of the day, where most of your time is gonna be spent wrangling with trim...

Velveteen JSKs Restoration: The Beginning

The prologue to 昔のSewing's attempt to restore two older pieces in a challenging fabric



Attack on Titan Themed Cafe: Tavern at Wall Rose

I don't go here...but I would go eat here!

Luxiem Ike Eveland Themed Birthday Party + Outfit

This post has everything - Europe-only energy drink flavors, caviar taste tests, closet cosplay...

GHOST GiRL GOODS Fashion Show at A-Kon

I hope someone walked the runway to ♬who is the tenth floor....ghost! girl!♪

Baroque Lolita Fashion Show at A-Kon

As soon as I read "antique dresses kissed by darkness" I gave up on this blurb. Not gonna top that.


Sweet Dreams

New Nail Set 💅🏻

Readers, Kelp couldn't write a blurb for this one either because she was relating too hard to also having index nails that curve downward. Is this a thing? Should we start a support group?

Dreamy Jfashion Haul ✨

Sometimes the auction gods smile upon you...and then you end up with a big shipping bill.

Late Night Eats & New Makeup Gets 😋

Honestly, what's more fun than the simple joy of eating out at a restaurant late at night? (Prolly a lot of things, actually. But the Bay Area Kei crew are pretty much all night owls, so hashtag relatable.)

Brow Experiment?? 🤔

Changing brow shapes is always tricky - will Sei's attempt pay off?

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