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In honor of spring 🌿, as well as Bibliotheca's 1 year anniversary, we invited our bloggers to write about growth - either within the last year, or in their J-fashion journey!

Cupcake Kamisama - My Growth in Lolita Fashion

Getting more selective with sweet stylings? Pondering whether pink is passé? Cupcake Kamisama explores all this and more in her musings on her sweet lolita journey!

Jessie discusses her continued explorations of alternative styles at the end of a busy weekend outing. Why didn’t she get dessert at The Cheesecake Factory? How much did that milk tea cost? The answer may surprise you…

Before we worried about whether the sweets on the clock app were okay, there was That Anonymous Message Board stirring up trouble…for those who never felt the siren call of the seagulls, some insights as to its persistent popularity.

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: Growth

Florals? For spring? (You know the drill.) Mahou Queen discusses her favorite floral prints in lolita fashion, as well as her renewed focus on the sweet substyle.


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Spreadsheet lovers can’t miss this comprehensive wardrobe update! (Feeling the difficulties of ‘seasonal wardrobe storage’ when the weather is…~waves hands~)

Ever wonder where some of the oft-said advice on internet comms comes from? Cupcake Kamisama goes in-depth on a mainstay that may have overstayed its welcome…

Looking lovely in lavender with 4 more flatlays of a versatile Victorian Maiden JSK

Whether you’re on a budget, saving room in your suitcase, or just looking to put a fresh spin on old pieces - tips and tricks to do more with less!


Dearie Dawn

Sewing your own Selkie-inspired dress? It’s not as difficult as you might think! (Still tricky tho. Attaching bulky gathered skirts really is a pain.) Also, Kelp is here to let you know that the ‘disappearing t’ in locals’ pronunciation of “Toronto” is likely a result of progressive nasal assimilation. Impress your friends at parties! Maybe.


Hello Lizzie Bee

Bargain buys from Poundland- no wait, that’s a different UK shop. (We Americans have one called ‘5 Below’ that took me way too long to understand…)

You won’t believe which common household item Lizzie scored from AliExpress- well you prolly will. But you’d have trouble guessing! I think.

Sometimes just a simple alteration can save a dress from the sale pile!

We all know that feeling when you get the Big Box, but sometimes the haul trickles in…


Josine Maaike

It’s Meta Appreciation Month (which is also every month, really).

Need a break from florals? This post is for you!



Cosplayers likely already know the drill, but if you want to usurp the ‘mom friend’ title, this is a good place to start!

Lolitas? In your area? It’s more likely than you think.

This post prompts the question - have any of us ever bought ‘seconds’ where the defect was obvious? 🤔

Only one of these involves lighting something on fire, so ideal tips for the tentative alterationist!

My question remains unanswered…but if yours is “Where do I buy?” Jenna’s got you covered!


Mahou Queen

There’s so many beauty brands nowadays, but it still can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. Mahou Queen shares the results of her search for talc-free eyeshadow

Everyone loves a successful swap meet, but Kelp loves whoever brought their hot water boiler for the potluck! (Unfortunately I don’t think my mother would forgive me if I ever temporarily removed ours from the kitchen.)

An accessory-packed post for all you bargain hunters💸



You may have helped determine the winners of the Nun-derdome last moth, but we have learned that the true winner of the Nun-derdome is Emma herself.



I won’t spoil Stephano’s omurice message request, but it’s definitely a galaxy brain choice!

Little glass vials, 🍆 donuts, and a tiny gold baby Jesus? All this and more in the latest Houston area cuisine compilation

Is your oshi a vtuber? (I’m told this is how the kids talk these days…) A bday bash for fictional demon, which HAS to be a good time!

No, not that kind of ita, the itasha kind. You know, the cars with the anime waifus. But it’s vtuber oshis and nails…just check out the post, you’ll get it.


Sweet Dreams

Looking to take your gyaru look to the next level? Check out Sei’s detailed tips on these two popular eye makeup techniques!

Need a clean slate for a fresh look? A quick and easy way to skip a trip to the salon (or not. A lot of y’all have very complicated hair stuff going on…)

♬Let's go to the mall♬ Sei reviews some new products from her latest shopping trip!

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that eye makeup can get real complicated real fast - Sei enlists the help of a second pair of eyes (get it…) to help tweak her look!


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