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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ February 2023: Living Spaces

🎶Living spaces treats you right, buy today, enjoy tonight!🎶

frillSquid - Bibliotheca: Living Spaces Kelp nodded along knowingly to this post…

Kelp - (Not) Organizing in the Time of Melancholia Hey, it’s me! Now you’ll see why I nodded along to frillSquid’s post.

I moved two years ago and still haven't re-hung my pictures...

Nycticeivs - My Wall Art (2023)

Ah yes, cat-proofing decor.


Crimson Reflections

It’s true, there’s lots of good stuff in the fancy toothpick section of Daiso. (Yes, this is relevant.)


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Featuring Snow Dot!

Okay but why are there so many donut prints? Not that I’m complaining.

There's two types of lolitas, and one type is forever haunted by 'bittersweet'...

Featuring not one, but two cat prints! Meow-wow!


Dearie Dawn

Historic Castle Mansion? Sign me up!



I agree, ‘swothic’ is the correct choice.


Josine Maaike

I’m also a ruching fan!


Hello Lizzie Bee

Kelp’s technique is “grow thick bangs to cover them”.

A floral coord for a floral painting!

You know we love us some bear content.



Are you a fan of the 'chill beats to do stuff to' genre? This may be up your alley!

Video games I am excited to play in the future!

Gelatin and…chocolate? It’s not weird, I promise!

aka “Don’t set a game that's supposed to feature iconic fashion in 1996”



Bay Area Kei approves of this message.

Have you heard of Royal Princess Alice? A review of this lesser-known Japanese brand!

Wondering about forwarding services? This is a common one!


Mahou Queen

“Friladelphia”! Brilliant.



Ah yes, long-term project brain fog…

Related: I once snagged an older Meta OP on the cheap cuz it was missing all its removable trim (which I prolly would have removed myself anyways).

Edo Period Mirror Restoration: The Polishing (Stage 2)

Oh! Power tools! Exciting!

Some people have trouble sitting in seiza, and then there's Kelp, who once had to be carried down a set of stairs at an izakaya after attempting it for too long. (I was okay! I just have really bad circulation.)


of thread and mind

A handy tutorial when you want your dress to be slightly bigger.



Stephano isn’t kidding - this list is massive!

Many people know about Vivienne Westwood, but what about Sexy Dynamite London?

Curious to know what the heck an Ant-Man themed cafe would serve? Click through!


Sweet Dreams

It’s true, it’s hard to go wrong with jajangmyeon

Warm AND fashionable? In this arctic vortex?


Wear Your Bows

Kelp is a one-issue voter when it comes to tea: how much clotted cream do I get to eat?

It’s true - this place is always packed on V-day!


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