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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ December 2023: Zodiac

No, your blog boss is not a crab, I just think they're neat /Marge Simpson voice

Cupcakes & Unicorns - Capricorn Season

This newsletter writer appreciates the focus on aesthetics (and the shout out to our follow bloggers!)


Crimson Reflections

A bit late…or is it? We appreciate Raine keeping tabs on Lucky Pack trends!

People have a lot of questions, and mine is - did they straight up not notice the five-legged cat?


Cupcakes & Unicorns

You know the drill!

I always preferred the term “Grandma sweaters” myself…

For all those people who really sweat about matching colors, this post is for you!


Fortune's Closet

Okay but what a great Agatha…


People who know my coordinates will likely not be surprised I like the second one most…


Hello Lizzie Bee

Can you really go wrong with cozy clothes in winter?

Come for the fashion, stay for the brussels sprouts!

It’s true, tartan makes everything festive!

Can’t go wrong getting presents for yourself! (I hope, anyways…)

Cute roomwear is important!


Josine Maaike

106+ coords! Consider this lazy lolita impressed.



Fun fact: this year, my dad got me a 1970’s gelatin recipe book…that I already owned. Same edition and everything. This is why he also gives me cold, hard, cash.

Lots of things have changed, but read on to find the one true tip for deals!

Really last-minute at this point, much like this newsletter…(please forgive your busy blog boss)

See above…


Mahou Queen

TIL I learned the term four-ways…

See, the true battle is having photos of all the coords you wore.

Ah, yes. Lots of talk about no-buys recently…



This blog boss was also taking the last few months off (well, from being prompt with the newsletter, at least)…here’s to a fresh start in the new year!



This show seems pretty popular!

Those cats look like they’re up to some Stuff…

So convenient!


Sweet Dreams

[Dec 2022] Ireland Work Trip

Welcome back! (To blogging. I correctly read the date on this post title.)

Okay, where can I get one of those cakes…


Wear Your Bows

A professional conference…in Las Vegas…in the summer…?

Thanks for attending!

Soup for savories? A seared peach? Hmm…

I’m not the best at phone calls either, but I can do it for restaurant reservations!

More tea places should do sliders.


your other left

I now am slightly more familiar with Swedish geography


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