"Bibliotheca December Theme: The Future" text over image of lighted candles

December Theme: The Future

Hello 2022! We’re kicking off the year with our December monthly prompt: The Future! Read about our bloggers’ different takes on this prompt, including resolutions, reflections, and predictions.

Dearie Dawn - 1 Year Blog Anniversary + New Year Resolutions

December marks Dearie Dawn’s 1st year blog anniversary, so congratulations are in order! Read about her both her blogging and personal intentions going into the new year.

Dear Gabriella Marie - Five 2022 Resolutions for The Lolita Fashion Community Please welcome Gabriella Marie, our newest featured Bibliotheca blogger! She has compiled a list of goals for the lolita community as a whole, which include setting healthier boundaries for how we interact with each other, social media, and shopping.

frillSquid - Bibliotheca: (Ignoring) the Future

Shay’s take on the future is - ignore it! Overthinking about the future can cause major anxiety (especially in this timeline), so their goals are to let go of issues they cannot control and allowing themselves the freedom to enjoy some things.

Hello Lizzie Bee - ♡ GO!GO!→GOALS FOR 2022! ♡ Lizzie reviews her personal goals of last year and sets new ones!

Josine Maaike - Lolita Resolutions: 2022

Check out Josine’s stylistic resolutions of the year! Always a fashionista and icon, she’s set some goals for herself that are super aspirational. We hope you achieve the Marble-aesthetic PVC and animal coords of your dreams!

Lovelylaceandlies - Reflections on the year (and looking to 2022)

Hindsight may be twenty-twenty…. one, but the future is 2022! Jenna reflects on the last year, and sets some blogging and community goals for the future.

Liliana Rowena - 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

Liliana sets some resolutions for 2022, addressing things like physical and mental health, fashion goals, and self-care.

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: The Future

Mahou Queen looks back on her resolutions from 2021 to see what goals she achieved and what she still wants to do, and adds a few more resolutions for the new year!


Pink tinted image of Avina in front of a floral wall, text reads "Degendering Body Positivity:


Degendering Body Positivity

Avina reflects on their relationship with self-image and the hard work of separating gender from body shape.


Black dress on a mannequin, text reads "Wardrobe Post Tips & Tricks"

Bay Area Kei

Wardrobe Posts - Tips & Tricks

Hi it’s me, Obsixwi, back at it again with a blog post about things I want to do but probably won’t.


Illustrated banner of a lolita wearing a blue and bordeaux coord, text reads "Cupcakes and Unicorns"

Cupcake and Unicorns

The Irrational Anxiety of Sticking Out

Paulina muses on the dichotomy of the ease of wearing J-fashion in public while being uncomfortable with standing out while wearing other types of more mainstream fashion, and its connection to male gaze.

I have broken my no buy - now what?

We’ve all been there - but once you break a no-buy, where do you go from there? Paulina lays out the options.

Advanced Coordinating: #7 - Beyond Lolita

Paulina's in-depth analysis of what it means to go "beyond lolita" - wearing lolita as clothing instead of following formulas.

End of Year Lolidrobe Reassessment 2021

Paulina looks back on her achievements of the last year.


Image of a woman's face, wearing glasses and a floral headpiece. Text reads "Dear Gabriella Marie"

Dear Gabriella Marie

A Long Weekend in NYC

Gabi recounts her Thanksgiving trip to New York, including gorgeous food and location shots!

Lolita-Tok and The Amazon Dress

Read on about Gabi’s in-depth summary of the instant gratification nature of fashion trends on TikTok and what it has to do with the lolita community

1 OP, 3 Looks

Check out Gabi’s three interpretations of her recently purchased Bodyline OP!


Woman wearing pink bunny ear poncho, pink lolita dress, and pink winter boots

Dearie Dawn

What did I do during the Holidays? Afternoon Teas + RPG Maker Secret Santa

Jessie’s recap of her coords, snacks, and the game she created for her Secret Santa!


Image reads "frillSquid" in an oval in red and black


Last Minute Lolita Gifts

If you still haven’t gotten the designated lolita in your life a gift, well, you are super late, but hey here’s some ideas.


Text reads "Hello Lizzie Bee - Sharing my gyaru life!" with portrait of woman with curled hair and lovely lashes. Banner features ribbon, heart, rose, and lace motifs.

Hello Lizzie Bee

NAILS OF 2021 (´ W `♡)

Lizzie's got nails for every season - look back on her last year of nails here!


It's sometimes difficult to see what you're achieving while it's happening, so why not look back and remember to commemorate them? Lizzie reviews her milestones of 2021.


When you can't buy the clothes.... look at the inspo! Lizzie has compiled a gallery of Miki from La Parfait for your to gaze at 👑

2021 COORDS (♡˙︶˙♡)

We love a coord roundup! Check out all the styles that Lizzie wore last year!


Text reads "Liliana Rowena - Lolita Fashion, Music, Cosplay" on a pink background

Liliana Rowena

How to Wash a lot of Lolita Fashion Clothes on a Budget

Laundry is always a chore - Liliana shares one way to tackle the load~

6 Free or Very Low Budget Ways to Participate in EGL culture

Are you the “Broke Bestie” in your friend’s group? Lolita your life with these thrifty tips💰

December Lifestyle Lolita Tips

Looking to get into the wintry spirit? Check out these suggestions!

5 Head Accessory Ideas for Lolitas with Short Hair

Hair accessories continue to be a hot topic~ Liliana Rowena weighs in!


Image of a woman in a garden wearing a navy and white JSK, white peter pan blouse, mary jane shoes, with hair in plaits.


5 gifts you can still get for Christmas for the lolita in your life

Lolitas need gifts year-round, so this advice hasn’t expired (unlike the buche de noel still in my fridge…)

How to tie a perfect bow

It’s trickier than you think! Pro strat? Have a friend tie it for you at the meet…

BAK Holiday Pop-Up Shop – Event Review

Hey, it’s us! Thanks for attending! For those of you who missed out, flatten that FOMO by vicariously living through Jenna (but not in like, an invasive psychic esper way or anything)

Mushroom Skirt – The Black Ribbon – Indie Brand Review

We’ve done some market research here at BAK, and a lot of you are way into mushrooms. Just so you know.


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