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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ August 2022: Spooky Summer Stories

Summer is the perfect time of year to tell ghost stories around a campfire. Prepare yourselves for some chilling and thrilling spooky stories!

You click the ghost for a story! Interactive entertainment! Impressive stuff.

Cupcakes & Unicorns - The Summer of Planning Spooks

Sorry, readers - Kelp got distracted by looking up if the palace mentioned was the same one she visited on a trip to Stuttgart (verdict is probably).

Why wait for for the weather to cooperate?

Ghost fashion! What more do you need to know, really.


Crimson Reflections

A deep dive into a particular puzzling type of design knockoff 🤔


Cupcakes & Unicorns

We look forward to your panel application 👀

It's true - classic is actually a bit of a rabbit hole...

"Wearing lolita in temps above 30C is rough" (Kelp sadly glances at the 46C forecast...)

Gather round for another monthly...roundup...okay I thought that was gonna be more clever.


Dearie Dawn

Will you, dear reader, get distracted by the thought of chocolate poutine? (I sure did.)

Alice and....Among Us? You'll have to click to find out!

Don't you love when DIY just comes down to "glue this on that"?


Hello Lizzie Bee

Lizzie beats the heat with a sweet treat!

What haul post is complete without a cat photobomb?


I Don't Know Much But I'm Learning

One of those art prompt things! You know!

The questioning begins...

Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Discovering a new style, first outfit, and inspo!



Did you know? Projectors at cons are uh, notoriously unreliable.

For those worried about FOMO (do people still use that one?)


Mahou Queen

Spoiler: not one, but TWO H Marts are visited.

Fun fact: Kelp wore Alice and the Pirates Circus Print Balloon Skirt to her first meet-up (I think that was my first one.... it was a long time ago....)

Did you know the yellow "petals" on sunflowers are actually leaves? And the middle is a ton of tiny tiny flowers? (Kelp watches a botany channel sometimes...)



Work on the chemise has....ceased....

Velveteen JSKs Restoration: The Beginning, The Cleaning (Red Dress)

Who doesn't love some lolita laundering?

Impressive storage techniques, but we all know the real question - is there spreadsheet software involved?

This saga continues to twist and turn, and by that I mean "wait, is linen easy or difficult to work with?" The answer may surprise you!


Sweet Dreams

Hold onto your hats- wait, why does one need to hold onto their hat? I gotta look this up.

Curious about cosmetic lenses? This review is for you!

Nothing says adulthood like baby showers and student loans...

Blue hair, don't care! (...that's a meme, right?)


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