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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ August 2022: Spooky Summer Stories

Summer is the perfect time of year to tell ghost stories around a campfire. Prepare yourselves for some chilling and thrilling spooky stories!

Crimson Reflections - Bibliotheca: Spooky Summer Lolita Ghost Stories

You click the ghost for a story! Interactive entertainment! Impressive stuff.

Cupcakes & Unicorns - The Summer of Planning Spooks

Sorry, readers - Kelp got distracted by looking up if the palace mentioned was the same one she visited on a trip to Stuttgart (verdict is probably).

frillSquid - Bibliotheca: Spooky Summertime

Why wait for for the weather to cooperate?

昔のSewing - Bibliotheca August: Spooky Summer!

Ghost fashion! What more do you need to know, really.


Crimson Reflections

Long Lolita Ball Gowns

A deep dive into a particular puzzling type of design knockoff 🤔


Cupcakes & Unicorns

New Lolita Life Goals

We look forward to your panel application 👀

Brainstorming the Classic Side of My Wardrobe

It's true - classic is actually a bit of a rabbit hole...

No Buy Support Wardrobe Challenge: 1 Piece, 2 Different Styles

"Wearing lolita in temps above 30C is rough" (Kelp sadly glances at the 46C forecast...)

August Coords Roundup

Gather round for another monthly...roundup...okay I thought that was gonna be more clever.


Dearie Dawn

Osheaga 2022 in Montreal

Will you, dear reader, get distracted by the thought of chocolate poutine? (I sure did.)

The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience in Toronto

Alice and....Among Us? You'll have to click to find out!

DIY Mermaid crown + Japan Festival in Mississauga

Don't you love when DIY just comes down to "glue this on that"?


Hello Lizzie Bee

Belated birthday meal + hime co*de

Lizzie beats the heat with a sweet treat!

Recent haul ❥

What haul post is complete without a cat photobomb?


I Don't Know Much But I'm Learning

Mori Challenge Draw 2022: Prompts 1-11

One of those art prompt things! You know!

Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge: 2022 Revamp

The questioning begins...

Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Discovering a new style, first outfit, and inspo!



My first lolita panel at a convention was almost a disaster (here’s how I managed to save it)

Did you know? Projectors at cons are uh, notoriously unreliable.

3 ways to keep up with lolita fashion releases

For those worried about FOMO (do people still use that one?)


Mahou Queen

Vacation Recap + Kawaii Haul

Spoiler: not one, but TWO H Marts are visited.

TBT: My First Meet-Up

Fun fact: Kelp wore Alice and the Pirates Circus Print Balloon Skirt to her first meet-up (I think that was my first one.... it was a long time ago....)

Sunflower Spectacular Meet-up Recap

Did you know the yellow "petals" on sunflowers are actually leaves? And the middle is a ton of tiny tiny flowers? (Kelp watches a botany channel sometimes...)



Victorian Era Undergarments: The Chemise Finishing

Work on the chemise has....ceased....

Velveteen JSKs Restoration: The Beginning, The Cleaning (Red Dress)

Who doesn't love some lolita laundering?

Spotlight: Storage and Curation (Part 1)

Impressive storage techniques, but we all know the real question - is there spreadsheet software involved?

Victorian Era Undergarments: The Drawers Sewing (Stage 1)

This saga continues to twist and turn, and by that I mean "wait, is linen easy or difficult to work with?" The answer may surprise you!


Sweet Dreams

Alba Rosa Boom?? 🤠🌺

Hold onto your hats- wait, why does one need to hold onto their hat? I gotta look this up.

[Sponsored] Princess Pinky Foxy Brown Review

Curious about cosmetic lenses? This review is for you!

Huge Catch Up Post [very image heavy]

Nothing says adulthood like baby showers and student loans...

New Hair & Nails for Vacation

Blue hair, don't care! (...that's a meme, right?)

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