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Tea or Wine?: J-Fashion Truth or Dare | Hosted by Rae of Rosé Forêt (she/her)

2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Are you ready to spill the Tea? Or has Wine given you the courage to dive into dares? Join Rae, AKA Jinbees, for a game of Truth or Dare with a frilly twist!


Sign up here to participate live on stream. Slots are limited, so be sure to submit your applications ASAP! Registration deadline is January 30th, 11:59 PST.

Makeup 4 My Valentine ~ A Masculine Makeup Demo! | Hosted by Toshi Salvino of Dollfille (she/they) & Jeremy Caldwell (he/him)

3:15 PM PST / 6:15 PM EST (90 min)

Twitch link:

This Makeup Demo will be a lil different; Join Toshi (aka @Dollfille) as they demonstrate a colorful, masculine shironuri-esque makeup art look on their partner, Jeremy (@The.Pinstash) and reminisce about their unlikely relationship brought together through Art!
Feel free to ask questions to a partner of someone who wears alt fashion, what it's like navigating a relationship as independent creators, or stick to makeup and soak up some knowledge from a professional in the creative makeup world.

Resin Crafting for J-Fashion: Jewelry, Accessories, and More!  | Hosted by Julie of Sweet Juju (she/her)

5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Do you LOVE sparkly shiny resin jewelry? Are you interested in learning about how these pieces are made, or even trying it out for yourself? Join Juju, the designer behind Sweet Juju, as she takes you to the magical world of resin! Learn about different types of resin, how to work with them safely, and different techniques you can use to create your own unique pieces!

Savory Snacks for Socializing | Hosted by Elya-chan (they/them)

6:15 PM PST / 9:15 PM EST (90 min)

Twitch link:

Hungry for something delicious to nosh on during the Social Mixer? Follow along as we make simple savory pastries and prosciutto rose tea sandwiches, and get ideas for other delights to add to your Afternoon Tea meal!

See the ingredients here!

Creating Out of the Box J-Fashion Media | Hosted by Kamilah Jones (she/her) & Hayden Lee (he/him) of O-Kei!! Podcast

8:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

When the general public hears “fashion”, magazines and runway shows are the first thought. The international J-fashion community makes efforts to utilize all resources at our disposal to create content, including tertiary forms. However, it can be tricky to produce inventive forms of j-fashion media. If creating out of the box J-fashion outlets calls to you, join Hayden and Kamilah, creators of O-kei!! Podcast, who can help guide you down the unbeaten paths of J-fashion content.

How to Be a J-Fashion Lifestyler: Overcoming the Archetypes | Hosted by Kamilah Jones (she/her) & Hayden Lee (he/him) of O-Kei!! Podcast

9:15 PM PST / 12:15 AM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

The definition of a “J-fashion lifestyler” is very narrow in its current form. You wear the clothes every day, your home has your aesthetic, and you drink afternoon tea as often as possible. But is that really all there is to life? Join Hayden and Kamilah, creators of O-kei!! Podcast, to discuss how you can overcome the stereotypes of what a “lifestyler” is and how to make your J-fashion lifestyle your own.

The Garnet Gateau Game Sheau! | Hosted by Mani Tokkigo (she/her)

10:30 PM PST / 1:30 AM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Welcome to the Garnet Gateau Game Sheau, hosted by Mani Tokkigo of Bay Area Kei! In this game show, pairs of contestants will face off to see who knows their partner best! Each contestant will be asked questions about their partner, with the goal of matching the answer their partner has already provided to the hosts. Whichever pair scores the most points in a given period of time will be awarded a prize, supplied by members of Bay Area Kei!


Click here to apply to participate in the Game Show.

Stitch in Chateau | Hosted by Kelp (she/her)

11:45 PM PST / 2:45 AM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Hang out with Kelp of Bay Area Kei while she cross-stitches an original Garnet Gateau pattern! This pattern will be available to download online for anyone who would like to handmake an event souvenir. New to counted-thread embroidery? Feel free to come with questions and Kelp will help! (Or at least try to...)

Click here for the supplies list!



Royal Ruby: Antique Sodas and Sundaes | Hosted by Jason R Merrill of Blackbird Finery (he/him)

7:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM EST (90 min)  

Twitch link:

Jason R. Merrill of Blackbird Finery demonstrates how to make the 'Royal Ruby' and other antique sodas and sundaes.

Click here for the recipes & ingredients!

Alice Deco: A Time Capsule for 2008 | Hosted by Avina-kei (they/them) & Purestmaiden (she/her)

8:45 AM PST / 11:45 AM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

As we all grow nostalgic for bygone eras of lolita fashion, one has always stood out to your panelists: the short-lived mook, Alice Deco! This is a fun history panel about the publication, as well as a guide on how to experiment with lolita clothing and the lolita silhouette in new and exciting ways.

EGL Treats: Patisserie Romantique | Hosted by Allegra (she/her) & Oriana (she/her) of EGL Treats

10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

A second installment of EGL Treats Livestream: Join lolitas Allegra and Oriana for a romantic patisserie getaway as they bake two simple and charming treats. Treats will include a ruby chocolate ganache tart and love letter hand-pies. Baking level will be easy and fun with dietary variations available!

For the ingredients list & recipes, click here

DIY Sock Plushie Usakumya Craft Workshop | Hosted by Jessica Corlett  (she/her) of  Flapjac Fashion-craft Events

11:15 AM PST / 2:15 PM EST (90 min)

Twitch link:

Learn to make quick and easy sock plushies with Jessica Corlett. Suitable for all skill levels as it requires only a little bit of hand sewing. Use materials you already have around your house! Gift them to your valentine or yourself; you can even style your plushie to create a tribute to the lovely Usakumya.

Use materials you already have around your house! See here for the supply list.

Garnet Gateau Fashion Walk | Hosted by Mindy (she/her)

1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST (30 min)

Twitch link:

Watch the Garnet Gateau Fashion Walk, featuring attendee-submitted looks with a Valentine's Day theme! We are also holding a coord contest, where participants have a chance to win prizes from the participating brands. All J-fashion styles welcome! For more information, visit the Fashion Walk page!

CANCELLED Romantic Goth: Fashion, Music and LifeStyle | Hosted by Marie Dauphine (she/her)

1:45 PM PST / 4:45 PM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Romantic Goth is one of the most recognizable styles of the gothic subgenre, but it is also celebrated as a lifestyle that caters to dark romantic aesthetics. Learn about Romantic Goth fashion, music, and tips on how to incorporate this style into your everyday life.

J-Fashion Roundtable | Hosted by Obsixwi, Rae, Maiko, Kamilah, Puvithel, & Madeline (she/her)

3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST (90 min)

Twitch link:

Join a group of J-fashionistas as they discuss the various styles they wear! We will be discussing our shared experiences wearing various J-fashions such as lolita fashion, menhera, decora, mori kei, and more. Topics covered will include public perception, switching between J-fashions, and experiences in the community.

Vanity Project: Makeup & EGL [Valentine’s Day GRWU] | Hosted by Nycticeivs (she/her) & Lacycrown (she/her)

4:45 PM PST / 7:45 PM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

In this “Get Ready With Us: Interview and Chill” style panel, Bay Area Kei’s Emma/@Nycticeivs will be chatting with Emily/@Lacycrown_ , makeup wizard and prizewinner of our last 2 coord contests, about makeup and its application in Lolita fashion (both traditional and experimental/OTT looks,) answering questions, sharing tips, and more while both applying their own spin on a coord-friendly Valentine’s Day themed makeup look.

SELF-CARE, SEXUALITY, AND ACCEPTANCE | Hosted by Avina (they/them), Shayla (she/her), Jade (she/they), Kei (she/they), and Nyx (she/her) of Kawaii Riot

6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST (90 min)

Twitch link:

Join Kawaii Riot for a panel about love in its many forms, from love of self, to love of others, and love of those you may not fully understand, but seek to ally with. We’ll share our favorite ways to relax and unwind, our unique perspectives on queer identity, and acceptance vs. tolerance

Kawaii or Kowai: J-Fashion Release Review Valentine's Edition | Hosted by Mani Tokkigo (she/her) & Plentiful Pie (she/her)

7:45 PM PST / 10:45 PM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Join Plentiful Pie and Mani Tokkigo as they review and pass judgement on the latest Valentine-y releases from J-fashion brands! Bring your favorite dessert and participate in chat!

Creative Photography 101 | Hosted by Cursed Kaiser (she/they)

9:00 PM PST / 12:00 AM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Let’s learn some basic photography tips and tricks, as well as various apps to edit photos on!

Gateau au Château | Hosted by Purestmaiden (she/her) & Plentiful Pie (she/her)

10:15 PM PST / 1:15 AM EST (30 min)

Twitch link:

Join us for a Valentine's Day themed DIY showcase! Many of us are still staying in our houses and separated from our friends and family, but we want to provide Garnet Gateau’s attendees with the opportunity to showcase their crafting talents! For our DIY showcase, the theme is “love” of any kind- whether it’s the love you feel for your partner, friends, pets, family, or any other hobby, item, or person you can think of. Any creative, DIY-style submission will be considered. For more information, check out the webpage!

Ero Lolita 101 | Hosted by Obsixwi (she/her)

11:00 PM PST / 2:00 AM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Ero lolita: the slightly spicy (and controversial) lolita substyle goes against what many lolitas consider acceptable in the fashion. What's that all about, and how does one dress in ero lolita anyway? No one has asked for this, but Obsixwi will answer these questions anyway!



Manners Maketh | Hosted by Jason R Merrill of Blackbird Finery (he/him)

7:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM EST (90 min)  

Twitch link:

Jason R. Merrill of Blackbird Finery discusses the importance of manners and etiquette in these enlightened times/worst of timelines. Hear selections from Victorian and other Etiquette manuals and realize that proper manners have never really changed... and still apply in the technological marvel that is the future (i.e., Today).

Ouji 101: Getting Started on Your Princely Journey | Hosted by Lauri Olivier (she/they) & Dane (they/them)

8:45 AM PST / 11:45 AM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

Ouji/ouji-sama/王子, meaning "prince" in Japanese, is the more masculine clothing style that is often associated with lolita fashion. Join Prince Olivier and Prince Dane as they guide you through the history of buttcapes and kabedon and how to get started on your ouji wardrobe!

J-Fashion Weddings | Hosted by Purestmaiden, Michelle of Porcelain Song & Kimbuucha (she/her)

10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST (60 min)

Twitch link:

I can hear the bells - Purestmaiden, Michelle and Kimbuucha are here to take you down the aisle to discuss the intricacies of J-fashion inspired weddings. They will cover topics from photography, J-fashion guests, the venue, and of course the dress! They will also cover more in-depth discussion topics such as cultural pressures when it comes to weddings, and planning a weddings in a pandemic. 

Closing Ceremony | Hosted by Bay Area Kei

5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM PST 

Twitch link:

Come watch us close out the event with contest winner announcements, acknowledgements, and future event announcements!

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