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Hosted by Jessica Corlett of Flapjac Fashion-craft Events

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Learn to make quick and easy sock plushies with Jessica Corlett. Suitable for all skill levels, as it requires only a little bit of hand sewing. Use materials you already have around your house! Gift them to your valentine or yourself; you can even style your plushie to create a tribute to the lovely Usakumya.

You will need:

  • A pair of socks (with no holes)

  • Needle, thread and pins

  • Scissors

  • A pen or pencil or chalk to draw on your sock with

  • Some sort of stuffing

  • For the face and features – beads or buttons or scraps of felt or embroidery thread

  • Optional: For the accessories – ribbon, lace, charms. Use your imagination!



Any sock will do but Jessica particularly likes to use the fuzzy fluffy bed socks that you can buy from shops like Target, Primark, and discount shops. Or you can order them very cheaply on eBay. Because of the 'fuzziness' all the stitches are hidden making this a perfect craft for beginners. 

You can use socks you already have or buy some specially. With the exception of possibly treating yourself to some special socks, you should easily be able to make a cute plushie just from things you already have at home. 

Stuffing can be anything like toy stuffing, cotton wool, the inside of an old pillow or finely chopped up scrap fabric or towels. Use whatever you can get hold of easily.

Grab some socks, needle, and thread and let's get started!

The Teacher
Jessica Corlett (@jessica_flapjac) is a professional Arts & Events Coordinator based in London, UK. She has worked in film and television for the likes of Disney, Warner Bros and the BBC as well as for theatre and the UK fashion industry. Did someone say ‘Downton Abbey’?

Her specialism is textile and fashion workshops and events with historical and cute concepts. She runs her own small events business, Flapjac Fashion-craft Events, offering all kinds of creative workshop activities. She also leads the Otome Sewing Bee, a free J-fashion and pretty vintage crafts and dressmaking events club on Facebook.

Check her out on Instagram or on her website:


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