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Ursa Major holiday gift guide for the j-fashionista on your list

Every year, hundreds of fans of Japanese alternative fashion are gifted things they don’t want. If you have a j-fashion fan in your life, you can make sure they get exactly what they want by shopping at Ursa Major, where dozens of designers from all over the world will be selling their Japanese fashion inspired goods. The shopping portion is free and open to the public, so if you’re near San Francisco’s Japantown, come stop by to find exactly what the j-fashion fan in your life wants for the holidays.

If you’re a j-fashion fan, you can slide this list into the DMs of your sweetheart, send it to your dad in an email, or print out a copy to give to grandma. They’ll get the hint.

These lists are intended for those who are unsure or a little new to the world of Japanese alternative fashion. They also don’t require you to know your fashionista’s size or measurements. If you have questions at the event, our vendors and staff will be happy to help you pick out something your giftee is sure to love.

Sweet Lolita

Having trouble determining which substyle your fashionista wears? If their dresses make them look like cupcakes, their closet is mostly pastels, their dresses have lots of sweets and cute characters, and their favorite brand is something about Angels or maybe Babies(?), they’re probably into sweet lolita! Look for pink, lavender, or mint colors, and cute motifs and they’ll be elated.

Cute Carousel

If your lolita’s wardrobe looks good enough to eat, get them this cute macaron necklace to accessorize with.


For the sweet lolita who wears a slightly darker palette, check out the art and accessories of Lavendorium. Their shop has a delightful mix of spooky and sweet.

Lapin Labyrinthe

Many lolitas have a deep nostalgia for printed media, especially magazines like Gothic and Lolita Bible. Lapin Labyrinthe is a Japanese magazine that is great for any fan of the fashion.

My Morning Tea

It’s hard to chose just one item from My Morning Tea, but this Cotton Candy Bunny brooch will be a cute edition to your sweet lolita’s accessory collection.

Gothic lolita

Classic Lolita




Hime Gyaru

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat

What style will you be looking for at Ursa Major?


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