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Thank you! Gramarye & Future Events

Thank you all for attending Gramarye! Whether you shopped with our participating brands, attended the tea party, watched the panels, or participated in any other way, we are so grateful for your attendance - this event would not be possible with you. Please continue to tag Bay Area Kei in your social media photos and use the hashtag #gramarye2020 so we can see your images!

We would love if you filled out our feedback forms to let us know your thoughts. You can find our General Event survey form, Panel survey form, and Tea Party survey form here. We use your feedback to help inform our future events to be more inclusive and interactive, so if you have any suggestions on ways for us to improve, please let us know.

We're extremely grateful to announce that we raised $1240 for Direct Relief through our Charity Drawing. To those of you who helped raise awareness and donated money to this cause, thank you so much. We cannot stress enough the impact that climate change has on all of us.

The next event we are participating in is Royal Vegas Online from November 13th to 15th, presented by Pretty Princess Club! Bay Area Kei will be hosting the tea party portion of this event in our Discord Server. Please RSVP here to the virtual tea party by November 10th, as space is limited! They are also currently taking entries for their fashion walk & coord contest, pub trivia, and charity drawing. All these forms close on November 10th, as well, so be sure to get your entries in on time!

We are also hosting Puvithel's 5th Anniversary Tea Party on the Bay Area Kei Discord Server on December 5th and 6th. We will be opening up tea party RSVPs soon, so please follow Puvithel on social media to stay updated!

Bay Area Kei is also collaborating with Rosé Forêt for a winter event, from December 13th to 15th, called Winter in the Woodlands. They will presenting panels, contests, a fashion walk, and other activities to participate in during the holiday season! Bay Area Kei will host the marketplace portion of the event, and will be featuring indie brands, artists, and stockists to shop from. If you are a vendor and are interested in applying, our applications are live and will close on November 10th! Please see our Vendor Information page for the details and application form.

Rosé Forêt is also currently taking panelist applications! If you would like to present a panel for them, please fill out a form by November 16th to be considered for this event. Some ideas that have been requested as panel content have been: plus size lolita & J-fashion, other J-fashion 101s (ouji, decora, gyaru, fairy-kei, etc.), fashion history, J-fashion & gender expression, more DIYs, food/baking, and follow-along style panels!

Once again, thank you all for joining us this weekend to celebrate Halloween! We had an amazing time seeing all the ways you were able to participate in the Gramarye activities. We will see you all at Royal Vegas Online!


Bay Area Kei


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