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It may be the end of June, but here we celebrate pride year-round! 🌈 Here is a list of LGBTQ+ J-fashion indie shops that we have previously worked with - please check them out to support queer-owned small businesses!

"A. Gato Designs is a proudly queer-owned business based in the DC Metro area. As a femme-leaning, plus size, genderqueer individual, I am always working on new ways to be more size and gender inclusive in my designs.

If you would like to engage with my shop this month on Patreon, I am offering a Pride-inspired sticker sheet for my Sticker of the Month Club. The next garment release I am working on will be a gender neutral collection made of dreams and fantasies. The Pride Powered Series is also offered year-round and features several items that have a portion of the sale donated back to the DC Center for the LBGT Community. If you like to help with fundraisers there is an ongoing craft box sale which has 100% of the sale donated to the ACLU. I am always working to engage with the broader LGBTQIA+ community through my fashion and my designs."

"Belladonna is a queer-owned lolita shop that makes clothing in custom prints and designs catering to women of alternative fashion taking inspiration from Japanese street fashions."

"Flores Astorum is owned and operated by Pengu, who identifies as pansexual! Meaning "Flowers of the Stars", Flores Astorum is an online select shop that aims to bridge the distance between Japanese indie brands and the rest of the world."

"Fluffy Tori is a small indie label founded in 2016, specializing in Lolita and Kawaii fashion. Our founder Joëlle AKA Fluffy Kawaii Jo comes from Switzerland and our designer Mezzo from Germany. Our motto is "Everybody can be Kawaii" and translates into the mission to make Kawaii fashion as inclusive as possible, which shows in the majority of our items being available in custom sizes as well as diversity-themed collections like our Pride collection.

We generally create items that we would love to wear ourselves, and a lot of our creations come into being because there is something one of us would love to have, but isn't available on the market. This was also the case for LGBTQ+ themed items in a more kawaii aesthetic and pastel palette. We hope that everybody who is part of the LGBTQ+ community will find something they love in our new collection!"

"Hello, my name is Mikhail Kaneko (23, he/they, Japanese/Russian, pansexual) and I am transgender man from Moscow, Russsia, and my wife is Elizaveta Kaneko (26, she/her, pansexual). We are the owners of independent clothing and accessories brand KANEKO.

Despite all the anti-LGBT propaganda in Russia, transgender people still can legally change their documents and get married. From time to time our government tries to issue anti-trans laws, but luckily they haven't passed yet.

Therefore our biggest dream is to live in a country where LGBT+ rights, as well as all other human rights, are respected. But at least for now we are trying to make our small business such a place. In our shop we welcome everyone, regardless of their cultural, religious, gender, and sexual self-identification. We also try our best to make our items accessible for people of all sizes."

"We are Lilith et Adalia, a proudly queer and Black women-owned brand! Happy Pride! We stand in solidarity with all of our LGBTQIA+ siblings in the continued fight for equality and human rights - Might as well stay frilly while we are at it 🖤"

"I started L.o.M.O. Loungewear in 2020 as a way to share my creative vision of unique, luxurious, and comfortable pajamas with the world. Everything is developed, patterned, sourced, and sewn by me! I’m inspired by elegant gothic lolita and aristocrat fashion, as well as brands like Listen Flavor and h.Naoto – I envision my loungewear as a sort of counterpart to these street styles. It’s what you might wear for a quiet evening or weekend at home. Most of my designs are unisex with a flexible fit. Clothing should be less gendered and more individual and expressive after all. And since it’s Pride month, I’m proud to say that I’m the bacon and tomato of the LGBT sandwich. 😁 Keep on being your weird and fabulous best selves, everyone!"

"I'm Jordana, also known as Mossbadger, and I proudly identify as queer (because it's faster than saying "bi/panromatic demisexual") and I've been creating lolita fashion and accessories for 9 years!"

"Noble Ghost is a bisexual-owned gothic lolita fashion brand. They love to incorporate masculine elements into traditionally feminine designs for an elegant but edgy aesthetic."

"Hello my lovely friends, your favorite demiromantic pan here of Pop Princess! For this collection I wanted to focus on something meaningful (because representation matters) with a mahou-kei spin! So come celebrate the 'Magical Them' collection of jewels and garments, because no matter how you identify - nonbinary, transgender, demigender, agender, or anything Intergalactic in-between - you are magic all the time!"

"Gothic jewelry shop Porcelain Song grew from a small hobby of designer Michelle, an out-and-proud lesbian, to the ever-evolving passion project it has become. Lolita and alternative fashion has always been an important form of expression for Michelle as a queer femme, and she is so thrilled to be part of a community that is so richly diverse and affirming."

"Puvithel is a bisexual and queer alternative fashion designer who makes and designs original handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles. Puvithel is about unabashed, self-expression and spans many styles, including punk, gothic, lolita, and menhera

Puvithel's collab with A. Gato Designs and Cottonbook, Dogs and Desserts, is having it's second release for Purgatorio July 4th weekend. This will be the last release of this delicious print!"

"R.R.Memorandum are proud to be part of the Bay Area Kei Pride Month affiliated vendors list. As a queer, autistic-owned brand, we understand the importance of radical inclusion and representation, and try to reflect who we are in all we do as a brand."

"Julie is an artist and crafter from New York who makes jewelry and accessories for lolita fashion. She was inspired to start making her own accessories when coming up with ideas for her own outfits, and thinking of the perfect accessories to complete the look. Now, she works with everything from resin to ribbon to bring her ideas to life!

Julie is an out and proud lesbian, and considers lolita fashion an integral part of how she expresses her gender identity as a woman who does not conform to the typical societal expectations of what a woman should be."


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