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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ September 2022: Preparation

Since September is a month of change, the prompt for the month was 'preparation'! Whether it's how to prepare for a meet or how to prepare for just.... life... our bloggers have written about the ways that they plan things out!

Cupcakes & Unicorns - Planning September Outfits

Is it really "Lazy Hours" if you're planning multiple outfits days in advance🤔

Everyone talks about dressing for the heat, but the REAL challenge is lake-effect snow🌨️

Whenever Kelp sees discussions about seasonal kimono weights, she remembers a post she saw in a online group that amounted to "Honey, I live in Florida. It's never time for awase"


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Trying to cut down on retail therapy, but not sure how to make the change? This post is for you!

Dressin' up and dressin' down!

Glad that some of us are finally experiencing cooler weather💦 (do you know stylized sweat droplets are called plewds? I am not making that up.)


Hello Lizzie Bee

You know we here at Bay Area Kei are Big Bear Fans

Going to the u-pick farm to...hold snakes?

Bear content, round 2!


I Don't Know Much But I'm Learning

The challenge continues!

You've heard of lifestyle lolita, but is there lifestyle mori?


Josine Maaike

Kelp would write a blurb, but honestly the chef's kiss emoji is gonna do the job better



Are you this specific type of nerd? (Kelp is not, but if someone needs an extra person she'll participate.) Jenna has put together all sorts of resources, just for you!


Mahou Queen

Some new creepy cute accessories, just in time for spooky season

The last time Kelp was in New Jersey, she had to drive to the stop & shop in zero degree (-18C) weather...but it's usually very nice! (All the frozen custard places were understandably closed...)



Spotlight: Storage and Curation Part 2, Part 3

Some of us carefully curate...some of us have a suitcase full of brand somewhere...



Serving sweets, skulls, and size inclusivity!

Cute, casual, and comfy? What more could you ask for!


Sweet Dreams

The circle lens assessments continue!

So it was nasty hot this month even in Seattle, huh...


The Name I Love

It's been a while since I've seen the word 'skort'...


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