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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ January 2024: Wishin' and Dreamin'

Remember when people used to write checks and you'd mess up the year for a whole month? (Now you know how old the blog boss is.)

Cupcakes & Unicorns - 2024 Wish/Need/Replace List

‘Fanciful wishes’, eh?

Dearie Dawn - Favourite Moments of 2023 + New Year Resolutions Despite the lack of food pictures, a katsu sando mention has critically hit this newsletter writer…

Buddy, this boss skipped months plural of blogging!

Hello Lizzie Bee - GO!GO!→Goals for 2024! ♡

This linguist hopes you all don’t fall victim to the Evil Green Owl…

I don't know much but I'm learning - Bibliotheca January Prompt: Wishin' and Dreamin'

Kindly reminder from the blog boss that anything posted in the month of January is by no means late…

Do I win for Most Creative Theme Post? No, because as blog boss, I’m of course not eligible.

Mahou Queen - 2024 EGL Goals

That meme about getting paid, except it’s “Y’all regularly leave your house?”

I…totally forgot about the Pantone Color of the Year deal.

I also feel the grey colorway of Cat’s Tea Party is the best. More grey colorways!


Special Wardrobe Post Round-up

Fortune's Closet - Mary Magdalene Wardrobe 2024



I am a cluny lace fan myself…


Cupcakes & Unicorns

As usual, you know the drill.

Why spend time curling your hair when it's gonna fall out in an hour anyways? (This is Kelp's experience, anyways.)

Kelp story: the first time I attempted to go to the Closet Child in Shinjuku, I couldn’t find it and had to give up. (I wonder if it’s still extremely hidden…)


Hello Lizzie Bee

Okay, I definitely needed some scale for the size of that waffle!

TIL what a ‘hen do’ is…

You know you’re hungry when candles look delicious…


Josine Maaike

Respectively looking at all the crusty Jane Marple in this



ALA here stands for Anime Los Angeles. TLA stands for Three Letter Acronym. You’re welcome.

Well, maybe not anymore. But you get the idea!



Some interesting advice for resolution-making!

Some people approach stain removal with persistence. This gremlin approaches stain removal with acceptance.



Atelier Pierrot truly has something for everyone…

My neighbor has very nice hydrangea bushes, but only light pink ones, so now I know the soil pH here..

Well, now I know who the Queen of Eyeballs is…

Lotta people are making the pilgrimage to this event!

Captain Chris! Captain Chris! Captain Crunch!- whoops, sorry.


Sweet Dreams

Come for the eye makeup look, stay for the fancy nails!

Apparently us North Americans particularly like purple??


Wear Your Bows

Clap clap clap!

You’ve heard of the no-buy, get ready for the low-buy!


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