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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ March 2024: Femininity

As someone who worked in language and gender, you think I would have the spelling of this down. But nope, gotta think about those I's and N's every time.

Related (I Promise): you wanna know where the ladies at? Quilting conventions.


Cupcakes & Unicorns

You know the drill: “You know the drill”

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 68 Ah yes, the concept of it being too cold to wear something…I remember it well…

One time I looked up how overseas Bingo cards worked and I promptly forgot March Coords Roundup

Ah...can't copy paste my joke this month, I see


Fortune's Closet

You’ve heard of swiss dot, get ready for french dot! (I tried.)


Hello Lizzie Bee

Bowling + kumatan co☆de Wait, do bowling alleys in the UK not make you wear their shoes?

We love a company that provides comprehensive allergen info

Thoughts about gyaru… Asking the tough questions! (Well, not that tough. The tough questions are more like those “If a train traveling at 65mph leaves at this time” deals.)

Mother’s day at Belvoir Castle ♡ Liz Lisa CoDe ♡ TIL the UK has a completely different date for this occasion…

My intrusive thought while perusing this post: do they make baby-sized snuggies?


Josine Maaike

Are you one of those old-school people? This post is for you!



Reader, I was hemming and hawing over whether to include this video game review in the newsletter, but hey! I’m the boss! This is a pretty reasonable use of my privileges!


Luna by the Lake with Cake

March snow brings April…glow?


Mahou Queen

Marinara sauce! Brave!

I got thrown off since my brain autocorrects ‘crunchy’ to ‘hippie’. You know. Or maybe you don’t.

Fashion shows! They’re a lot of work! Yep!



Here’s to 3 more years! (That’s what you say right? Conventionally?)

(royalty-free fanfare.wav)



Ah yes, the teeth bags.


Sweet Dreams

I spent a minute trying to think up a bee pun and my brain could only muster the Oprah meme. A copy writer’s shame.


Wear Your Bows

I had to remember where exactly Sebastopol is, which is north of Petaluma, which is indeed officially far. Trust me. (Kelp, what weirdo doesn’t describe it as west of Santa Rosa? This weirdo, okay.)



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