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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ February 2024: Groundhog Day

Reader, I can only hear Groundhog Day in the tune of "GAAA~RBAGE DAY" from the award-winning cinematic masterpiece Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

Cupcakes & Unicorns - Outfit Repeater - Or Is She?

I can verify that this blog boss certainly won’t remember what you wore

Dearie Dawn - Groundhog Day: The re-releases of AP sweet dresses I don’t go here, but even I’ve heard of these dresses!

We appreciate you (even if I never figured out what to do for this month’s theme)

What does Kelp have double of? Jane Marple’s Anniversary Cake, of course (it’s gelatin)

Wear your Bows - Groundhog Day Theme!

This post has extreme Today I Learned Energy



I am a cluny lace fan myself…


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Fun fact: I made cherry cola gelatin once (yes, this is relevant)

You know the drill: “You know the drill”


Hello Lizzie Bee

This extremely uncurlable-haired lolita is glad braids have remained on trend

Here at Bay Area Kei, we endorse outings at botanical gardens

A fellow brocc fan, I see…

BRB, googling what a stuffed cookie is

Ah, so both babies and cats are not fans of mittens…


Josine Maaike

Also here at Bay Area Kei, we respect hats of all sizes



It’s not gelatin! For the second time in a row!


Mahou Queen

Luckily I ate before writing up the newsletter

Okay but aren’t Maxicimam’s headdresses criminally underrated? 



Warhammer knowledge always comes in handy, in my experience

Oh right, I gotta get me one of those third hand deals..

New month, new project!


Sweet Dreams

Animal ears are always a good choice…



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