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Remember the sunscreen and bug spray, my friends.

If anyone’s wondering, I’m the lolita who brought a savory dish to the potluck.

Reader, I got distracted by the mocktail novelty cup. You’ll understand when you see it.

frillSquid - Bibliotheca: Picnics Looking forward to the fried catfish photoshoot.

How did I not write about gelatin when the theme was ‘Picnic’? Listen, I still kinda did.

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: Picnic

Top tips for the perfect picnic!

Fan language? You mean semaphore, right?

Wear Your Bows - Picnics!

Me? I make sure I have a Santa Anas-friendly hairstyle.


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Come for the coords, stay for the interesting museums!

Yes, there’s cats.

I once drove to a big meetup through a brushfire and wasn’t sure if the freeways would be open for me to get back home…(this is relevant, I promise)


Dearie Dawn

A doll costume contest?! Okay, that’s pretty rad.


Hello Lizzie Bee

Exactly what it sounds like!

Get ready for summer with these easy-to-wear options!

Hate packing? Live vicariously thru someone else’s coordination challenges instead!

Scenic sights from Lizzie’s seaside vacay!

Some more shots from the shores!



Part one of a series based on a panel presented at FanimeCon 2023, featuring a whole heck of a lot of Instagram embeds!

Part 2, featuring a different panel I wasn’t a part of, and a sidetrack about The Actual Style Called Natural-kei.

This may be the most milquetoast of this sorry interview series, but hey! At least there’s cats?

Curious about what lolita fashion looked like in the 90’s? Well, have I got a ton of CUTiE Kids you can look at!

A puzzle game with a cute cat, what more could I want? Turns out quite a bit.



Experience this monthly meetup in LA’s Little Tokyo!

Hey…I think I know this event… (I was also J-Fashion Dept staff, that’s the joke)

As for me, I’m always shooting shorties, so I pop a squat and take the photo from down low. Works every time most of the time!

Please buy stuff from small brands, this message brought to you by Bay Area Kei.

Kelp also prefers Sawtelle Japantown to Little Tokyo, if only for traffic reasons…


Mahou Queen

Fun fact: the first time I heard of Five Below, I thought it was an ice cream shop.

Ah yes, the sweets and their “pink-matching” dilemmas, I’ve heard of this

When Good Things Come to an End A memoriam for two popular indie brands.

A troll bridge with a mardi gras bead toll? Huh…

You had me at cheese fries.



I really admire quilters. That’s it, that’s the blurb.



Beautiful photos accompanied by a beautiful message



Yeah…it happened again…



I dreaded reading this post…Stephano…I did not have a snack strong enough…Damn you…

Did you know the abbreviation for Atelier Pierrot is AtePie? Today you learned! Unless you already knew that. Which is very possible.


Wear Your Bows

No clotted cream? Well, I’m out.


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