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Let's get some SHOES - for May, the Bibliotheca prompt was shoes, that's it. Read about shoes below.

I mean, all shoes are lolita shoes if you want them to be...but check out this post for some kicks to add to your closet!

Ribbon and heart details? ✓

Winter shoes that you can't actually wear in winter weather? ✓

Giant stompy boots that go with every outfit? ✓

Let's be honest: Mary Janes can be janky, and those ribbon pumps can be real painful. But platform boots will never let you down. (Instead you'll be like, 4 inches up.)

Extraneous ribbon lacing is all the rage these days - check out this review of an on-trend pair of pumps!

We all know the drill: aesthetic, quality, price. Pick two. Plus, bonus poetry!


Crimson Reflections

Does Betteridge's law of headlines apply? You'll have to click thru to find out!


Cupcake Kamisama

Showa retro cafe aesthetic is everywhere right now - Cupcake Kamisama shows us all the details on the latest release from nostalgia-lovers Violet Fane!

Wondering how to plan an in-person meet given (waves hands)? Some tips for shifting from URLs to IRL!

Is this what the self-help crowd call "The Power"? Cupcake Kamisama is WTB!

Kelp is reminded of the strangely good legwear selection at Burlington...why? You'll have to read on to find out!


Dearie Dawn

A shoe museum??? How much more on theme can you be?

Metallic vinyl that's easy to sew? That's some fairy magic right there...


Hello Lizzie Bee

Shout out to everyone living somewhere where spring weather is more of a calendrical concept than a reality...

Lizzie tries to take it up a notch by switching from comfy tracksuit to casual cute!

The exchange rate is cookin', and many of us have been shoppin'💴💸

Aren't you glad we live in a world where everyone can hang up their cute clothes on equally cute hangers?


Josine Maaike

Thinking of braving the next blood bath for this popular jewelry maker? Check out this in-depth review of one of their latest releases!



Want that sheer layered look that's been all the rage, but not sure where to start? Ghost Girl Goods has got....the goods....

Weren't able to make it to Fanime? No problem! Catch up on this panel that sure doesn't skirt around the subject of skirts! (Sorry...)


Mahou Queen

I watched a documentary about a UK? dollar? store called Poundland's efforts to maintain pricing, and a good chunk of it involved producing a Toblerone knockoff...what? oh right! You won't believe these bargains!

Archivists! Important work! Treasure them!



Theme cafes, cosplay cosplay, and...banana fan art?? 🤔

I can't think of a blurb because my brain is filled with the eldritch horror that would be Kirby (video game) after drinking two shots of espresso. So, uh, click thru to find context for that and more!

There's no shortage of picture perfect dishes here, but I bet you can guess which one I right-clicked saved (This is Kelp, btw. Hi!)


Sweet Dreams

Don't worry - this post is safe to read hungry!

Not this one, though. I mean, they went to Ladurée. Très fancy.

TREND ALERT: the second mention of Korean corn dogs in this newsletter!

I feel like there has to have been a gyaru tokusatsu hero. I'm going to end up in an Ultraman fanwiki hole checking this...


The Name I Love

The ol' twenty year trend cycle means that Y2K fashion is back! Reila draws inspiration for a turn of the millennium gyaru coord~


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