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January Theme: Wardrobe

January's monthly prompt is, of course 'Wardrobe'! Yearly wardrobe posts are a tradition stemming from the EGL LiveJournal days and nowadays, people make wardrobe-themed blog posts, Instagram challenges, and videos, to document their personal collections. We asked our bloggers to not only show off the goods, but also reflect on things like wardrobe organization, growth, and archival methods!

Cupcake Kamisama - Wardrobe Post 2022

Paulina’s extensive lolita fashion collection is mostly classic, but features a little bit of everything- We love the versatility!

Dear Gabriella Marie - 2022 Wardrobe Post

Check out Gabriella Mari’s wardrobe setup and collection!

Dearie Dawn’s adorable wardrobe is so sweet and adorable that we could eat it!

Out with the old, in with the new! With the new year, Shay introduces the items they purchased in the last year, and pieces they said goodbye to.

Josine gives us a peek of her iconic collection, featuring plenty of old school and indie!

Lovelylaceandlies - 2022 EGL Wardrobe Challenge

Jenna tackles the 2022 Wardrobe Challenge - 31 different prompts for the month of January!

Without asking I commandeered the closet… for my lolita wardrobe.” - Lolitas Everywhere Check out Mahou Queen’s wardrobe set-up!

Have you ever liked a print so much that you collected 6 different colorways and cuts of it? Nefalia shows off the details of her Bouquet Print collection.


Bay Area Kei

Come for the free cross-stitch pattern, scroll thru the lengthy linguistic explanation of why tabby cats dominated Japanese new year’s announcements🐯


Cupcakes and Unicorns

A great post for impulse buyers! Keeping track of what’s missing in your wardrobe can help focus your purchases, and this post is a great example of how

Paulina reviews the items she used the most in 2021, broken down by category.

Attention passengers, please prepare to board your flight… to Metamorphose’s Airline JSK! Paulina discusses the process of coording this orange and white airline stewardess-themed dress.

You’re not supposed to have a favorite child, but let’s be real we all do. By child I mean dress. Anyway, here are Paulina’s favorites, ranked based on factors such as ease of coording, comfort, versatility, etc.


Dear Gabriella Marie

BB&B is a sweets-themed jewelry and accessory shop - Gabriella Marie reviews their Crowned Unicorn set consisting of a necklace and earrings!

Miss Danger is a Russian indie lolita brand known for their opulent dresses! Gabriella Marie received their Royal Heart JSK, an embroidered red velvet JSK with a brocade skirt embellished with rhinestones. Fancy!

In! This! House! We! Love! Organization! Tools!

Gabriella Marie demonstrates how she utilizes Notion, a web and mobile app, to keep track of her wardrobe, wishlists, and coords.


Dearie Dawn

These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what she’ll do - check out the different styled looks that Dearie Dawn has put together!


Hello Lizzie Bee

People claim that Hello Kitty not being a cat is confusing, but where’s the struggle with Goofy and Pluto, huh? Anyways this post is exactly as the title says, I just needed to get that off my chest.

-Design gyaru-friendly snow boots -??? -Profit!

Lizzie’s latest Liz Lisa loot lowdown! (Say that five times fast)

Love a good teen soap opera? Lizzie puts together some prep-school ready coords✍


Josine Maaike

Looking to increase your Grandma Couch Factor? Check out this review of a French indie brand!

Remember when people didn’t want to become a “Lace Monster”? I mean, how cool does that sound? Tips on how to achieve a much-maligned look in the 00’s Western comms, because cringe is dead (or whatever the kids say nowadays).


Liliana Rowena

Liliana advocates for casual lolita and shares some inspirational coords!

Some new year and wintery ideas for a lifestyle lolita!



Let’s get to the point - this secondhand site has a reputation for being on the pricey side. But auction sites can be a slog, especially if you’re not looking for something specific. Former Wunderwelt blog contributor Jenna is here to let you know how to knock down that price tag, if only a little.

If you don't speak the language, it can be hard to navigate the Japanese secondhand market. Jenna gives some tips for finding the clothes you love in the language you don't speak.

Useful advice for dealing with our virtual reality, including the tried and true “the block button is your friend” 🙅

Gobelin is totally in right now, so it's the perfect time to find this weird fabric from brands outside of Japan. This blog breaks down a few simple tweaks to make this vintage blouse ready for lolita coordinates.

Parasols are bulky and inconvenient. So why do lolita fashion fans love them so much?


Mahou Queen

Mahou Queen takes a chance on a bargain buy from Lacemarket, but was the gamble worth it?

Apparently the 10th anniversary gift is “tin” or “diamonds”, which is … a choice to make alright… (Kelp would like a tin of sweets!)

A full wardrobe post? In this, the 10th year of Luigi? We’re impressed.

We here at Bay Area Kei are pro-alterations, but sometimes what’s stopping you is knowing a good person to trust with your brand. Mahou Queen details her experience with a J-fashion alterations specialist!


R.R. Memorandum

The indie brand looks back at a year of firsts (and all the hard work behind them)



We at Bay Area Kei know your fit looks that much better with the right photo, and Stephano’s got the post to prove it!

Who doesn’t love a fishing minigame? A picture perfect post, featuring everyone’s fav angler

Relics from the Astrodome? Vietnamese coffee…beer? An effort to include fun non-alcoholic options? This brewery has all this and more!

The big top is trending big, full stop. (I tried…) Check out Stephano’s No-Print Challenge on this popular aesthetic!


Sweet Dreams

Warning: don’t read this post hungry!

A look for a night in and a secret announcement??👀

The higher the hair, the closer- oh wait, this is a little different. A handy guide to a popular hairstyle!

A work-friendly gyaru eye look?! You’ll have to see it to believe it!


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