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This is the first month with our new theme format! As per usual, posts for our now bimonthly theme will go here. You'll go bananas for this one! (Sorry, it was right there.)


Crimson Reflections - Banana (For Scale)

I’m in this post! See if you can spot me. (No prize for correct answers.)


Crimson Reflections

Listen, we wouldn’t have not hooked you up.


Cupcakes & Unicorns

You know the drill!

Fun fact: Kato Kuniko is a dream guest of ours!

Oh right, that color stuff gets real intense real fast, doesn’t it…

April drills bring…May drills.


Hello Lizzie Bee

I think flares came back for a hot second and gave this 30-something a nightmare flashback…

Did you know there’s a really suss origin claim about California rolls? Chefs, man.

Truly blessed when the limited time deal isn’t crowded…

Who better to twin with than your own spawn? (Wait, that came out weird.)

Are you team waffles or pancakes? (There’s no wrong answer.)


I Don't Know Much But I'm Learning

Ah yes, ‘mooks’



*rubs hands together* Okay so the reason is 5/10 is mei 'May' and to ‘10’, then you voice the t to get meido.

Pizza toast! Pizza toast! Pizza toast!


Sweet Dreams

There’s so many makeup brands…

Ah yes…stacking lashes…


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