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February Theme: Love & Romance

Is it just me, or is love in the air? In February, we celebrated everything to do with romance and love - Read on for our bloggers' Valentine's Day coords and haul, hot 🔥 takes, and sage advice!

Cupcake Kamisama - Lolita Fashion Meets Romance

Looking for a lolita love story prompt? Search no further!

Do you live someplace where it’s winter? And where that means that it’s very cold outside? (Sounds fake…) Dearie Dawn has some tips on how to stay warm in a social way

The Romantic era, that is. Which isn’t Baroque (so it doesn’t need fixing), or Rococo (but you go, Glen Rococo!)

One strategy? Simply don’t have friends outside of lolita! But in case you must pal around with normies, Jenna’s got some social strats for you

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: Love

Speaking of normies, ever wonder if your frills are casting a chill over your dating life? Mahou Queen sent out a survey and the answer may surprise you! (Spoilers: the answer is prolly not, but read on for some lovey-dovey responses)

Boots, Beauty Bay, and…beef tongue? (My dad says it’s delicious…) A dinner date and a shoe review await you in Sei’s V-day update


Cupcakes and Unicorns

Ngl, I was very tempted by this large beautiful bow boy…

Watch out bittersweet, step aside cottagecore: the look everyone wants and no one has is here…Modlita

Useful advice for those hesitating to mix and match! An old tip Kelp remembers from Alice Deco (rip) - you can generally combine two small florals without either clashing with the other

Mary Magdalene and …generous shirring??? Did I hear correctly?


Hello Lizzie Bee

Who doesn’t love the vicarious joys of The Haul Post?

Full of flatlays for warmer days~

A comprehensive checklist for all aspiring princesses out there…also, did you know they sell fleece thermal tights that look like normal pantyhose? Technology!

Lizzie owns no strawberry motifs? So it IS possible…


Josine Maaike

Before Cornet, there was… Garaus (This sounded a lot more dramatic in my head. Sorry.)

It’s *~late 90’s Meta~*, I mean, what else do you need to know


Liliana Rowena

Wardrobe post season is over (or is it…), but these handy tips for closet organization are evergreen

Quiz time!

It’s not sew easy sometimes…

For Kelp, it means becoming a triangle, but like, a girly one.



2022 is the Year of the Tiger, and you may be wondering where to get your stripes. Jenna has helpfully listed out some tiger-themed garments of all different styles!

Fantastic Grim is a Colorado-based accessories brand that carries vintage-inspired pieces perfect for classic lolita! Jenna bought a crown motif bracelet and a seaside-themed resin necklace. Check out her post for pics!

Stuck on how to elevate your coord to the next level? The secret may be a handful of safety pins…

I laughed, I cried, I tilted my head like a confused dog - the gamut of human emotion in these professionally designed valentines.


Mahou Queen

Mahou Queen reviews Dandy Puppeteer’s highly-anticipated colorful & stripey plus-size friendly OTKs!

Mahou Queen hosts Galentine’s Tea for her local comm, featuring an adorable spread of snacks!



Coerl print clothes? Cursed official printable masks? Stephano goes all out for this megane’s birthday

Did you know Kelp went to cram school in Yotsuya? Unfortunately, none of my school stories involve delicious desserts, but this post sure does!

Macabre macaroni? I suppose I shouldn’t have to warn you not to read this post hungry…


Sweet Dreams

Awake with a face on during sunlight hours? Sei already has me impressed

An extremely educational eyebrow guide! Helpful tips for anyone looking to change up their brow look

Did you know snake plants are a great beginning house plant?

Practice makes…more practice? Sei looks back at her adventures in makeup artistry over the years


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