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Announcing Gramarye, a Virtual J-Fashion Halloween Event

We know that you've been waiting for this on baited breath- we have, too. As connoisseurs in all things Spooky, collectively, we were determined to host a Halloween event because Halloween is NOT cancelled- the end result is Gramarye! Please keep in mind that this is a smaller event than Sea of Serenity, because it is a regular weekend, and because we have less time to plan things since we're coming hot of the heels of the last event. We will be updating the site as more info comes in, but most dates are set.

The timeline is as follows- we open up the Discord on October 1st (first day of Halloween!) so you guys can start posting about the event and brands. October 1st is also when all contests start to open; Fashion Walk, Charity Drawing (not a raffle for legal reasons), and we're also adding an Instagram Challenge and Pumpkin Decorating contest. RSVPs for the Halloween Tea (the name of the tea is Covenstead... it's a meeting of witches. Couldn't resist, sorry!) also opens on October 1st, which we are capping at 80 people tentatively.

We're holding an earlier brand release date so that everyone can order any coord materials and items they need for Halloween, and a second release during the event. The actual event will be October 30th to November 1st (please guys... remember to change your clocks because October 31st is the last day of Daylight Savings. You get an extra hour of sleep. Please use it.) We will start panels the evening of the 30th, and continue all day on the 31st. November 1st will be the two tea slots and then closing ceremony!

Please keep checking the website and Facebook page for more updates! We're super excited to spend all of Hallowmonth chatting with you guys on the Discord and seeing your planned coords and snacks and such. Use the hashtag #gramarye2020 in your social media posts!

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions! Our email is



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