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Congratulations to our 2021 J-Fashion University Graduates!

Download the 2021 Yearbook




Thank you to all our students who submitted yearbook photos! The yearbook committee is working hard to compile the final edit!



Join us at J-Fashion University for your online education. Classes begin on September 4th, 8:00 AM PDT. All classes will be hosted on the Bay Area Kei Twitch channel unless otherwise noted. Final exams and the graduation ceremony will take place on Sunday!

Saturday, September 4th
Day 1

Petticoats 101: Everything You Need To Know About Petticoats


Professor Fluffy Kawaii Jo (she/her)

8:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT (60 min)

Learn everything you need to know about petticoats. Fluffy Kawaii Jo will share what she learned in researching and comparing 15 different petticoats. She will talk about shape, size, comfort, length, material, poof level, where to buy and how to find the perfect one for you!

Fluffy Kawaii Jo is the owner of J-Fashion indie brand Fluffy Tori. Check out her YouTube channel here!

Lolita Fashion 101


Professor Cursed Kaiser (she/they)

9:15 AM PDT / 12:15 AM EDT (75 min)

New to Lolita and need to learn the basics of dressing and styling in this wonderful style? Please check out the Lolita Fashion 101 panel!

Cursed Kaiser is an alternative model, stylist, and photographer. Check out their previous course Creative Photography 101!

Ready to level up? Be sure to watch Kaiser's Lolita 201 course!

Where to Buy: Lolita Fashion & Accessories


Professor Mindy (she/her)

10:45 AM PDT / 1:45 PM EDT (75 min)

Want to know where to buy all the poofy dresses and matching accessories? Come join and learn all the places to shop, from brand to indie to secondhand, we'll cover it all!

Mindy is the Bay Area Kei Fashion Walk Director - you can watch all the previous fashion walk videos on the Bay Area Kei YouTube channel.

Want to advance your accessories? Watch Mindy's Lolita 202: Advancing Your Accessories panel!

Para Para 075: Becoming a Para Para All-Star Without Actually Getting Up and Moving


Professor Kai (vae/vaer)

12:15 PM PDT / 3:15 PM EDT (75 min)

Do you want to learn more about para para without actually learning a para para routine? What do gyaru have to do with a substyle of eurodance? And why is Mickey Mouse waving his arms around on TV?Join Kai as we go over the long history of para para from the 80s to today!

Ultimate Gyaru 101: Guide to Start in the Style


Professor Reila (she/her)

1:45 PM PDT / 4:45 PM EDT (60 min)

Gyaru is a subculture that was born in the early 90s to go against Japanese beauty and behavioral standards. During the last years we've seen the third boom which came with a lot of new people interested in joining the style and wanting to learn more about that. In this panel you'll learn all the basics to be Gyaru. Where that comes from? How can you start? Which are the Gyaru substyles and how to can choose for yourself? And much more.

Check out Reila’s blog, The Name I Love, as well as her TikTok!

J-fashion of the Last Decade: Cult Party-kei and Dolly-kei


Professor Avina-kei (they/them) & Professor Melancholiaah (he/him)

3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT (90 min)

J-fashion trends and movements, due to how reliant they are on stores that provide community spaces and dictate trends, can seemingly disappear overnight. Two fashions from the early 2010s that had fell out of favor by the end of the decade, yet are frequently confused with each other, are Cult Party-kei and Dolly-kei. In this panel, we'll talk about the aesthetics and evolution of the styles, how to bring their influence into your wardrobe, and discuss how they have evolved and currently exist in communities, both online and offline.

Be sure to check out Avina-kei’s previous presentations, covering topics such as natural kei and Alice Deco, as well as their blog. Melancholiaah is a musical artist and performer - find out more on his website!

Posing Panel 101


Professor Plentiful Pie (she/her)

4:45 PM PDT / 7:45 PM EDT (60 min)

The perfect outfit deserves the perfect photo! Not sure what to do in front of the camera? Professor Plentiful Pie (with a PhD in Posing the house down) will give practical tips and examples for looking your best!

To advance your posing prowess, check out Professor Plentiful Pie’s 201 and 301 classes!

Old School for Newbies


Professor Shay (they/them)

6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT (60 min)

Do you long after pieces in GLB snaps? Want to learn to love cotton? Bored of border prints? Join frillSquid on a journey through the recent past to learn how to wear lolita in an old-school style.

Supplimental reading: Old School on Taobao, Core Reading 1: My Old School Criteria

Check out Professor Shay’s blog, frillSquid, as well as their previous course, Punk Lolita 101.

Creating Your Mori Kei Wardrobe


Professor Kathryn (she/her)

7:15 PM PDT / 10:15 PM EDT (45 min)

Have you ever wanted to start wearing Mori Kei, but were unsure where to start? This panel will help you to navigate the waters of starting your own Mori wardrobe. From what kind of clothes to buy, fabrics, cuts, and layering, we will walk through the best ways to start exploring mori fashion for yourself.

Check out her Mori blog over at I Don’t Know Much But I’m Learning!

Becoming a Decora Kid!


Professor Kamilah (she/her) & Professor Monique (they/them)

8:15 PM PDT / 11:15 PM EDT (60 min)

Discover the freedom of dressing like the rainbow and beyond by jumping into Decora fashion! With community leaders Kamilah and Monique (the founders of International Decora Day, Emptying the Clips Comic, and much more) you will get expert knowledge in clashing patterns and piling on stickers!

Kamilah is the designer of J-fashion brand Hard Decora and one half of the O-Kei!! Podcast team, and Monique runs the Decora Demon shop.

Sunday, September 5th
Day 2

Office Hours


J-Fashion University Faculty

9:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM EDT (45 min)


Have any J-Fashion related questions or looking for coord tips? We’ll be holding Office Hours on our Discord Server before panels start on Sunday, September 5th at 9:00am! During this time, you can hop into the “Main Office” voice channel (Under the “Study Hall” category) and ask your question.

Professors will have their area of expertise noted in their server nickname (e.g. [EGA/Lolita] Emma) so you can know who to ask and what to expect. Professors may move you to a more private channel or Direct Message to answer your question at length 1 on 1. You are also welcome to use text chat rooms to share any references and images.

J-Fashion attire is not required for this activity! You are also not required to have your camera on during this time.

A Lesson on Lashes: An Eye Opening Tutorial on False Eyelashes


Pwofessow Emma (she/her)

10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT (30 min)

Do you have a love/hate relationship with false eyelashes because they can be such a hassle to apply? Is it a miracle every time you manage to get them on without making a mistake? No need to fear these little fellas anymore! Learn how to flawlessly (and easily) apply your lashes in this quick 30 minute lesson, as well as some other quick tips on how to seamlessly blend them in, how to measure and trim your lashes, how to clean your lashes, and more!

Optional: Supply List

Interested in skin? Here is Pwofessow Emma’s Skincare Primer panel, and be sure to check out her blog!

Economics 101: J-Fashion Budgeting


Professor Obsixwi (she/her) & Professor Tokkigo (she/her)

10:45 AM PDT / 1:45 PM EDT (60 min)

Wearing J-Fashion can be an expensive pastime, which often makes it intimidating for those starting out. This class will teach you how to make responsible purchases, save money, and make informed decisions. Join Mani Tokkigo and Obsixwi as they answer your finance-related queries and provide insight on how to be kawaii on a budget.

Note: Neither Obsixwi or Tokkigo are actual finance experts.

Business 102: So You Want To Start Your Own Clothing Brand


Professor Halley (she/her)

12:00 PM PDT / 3:00 PM EDT (60 min)

Some basic 101 tips on what you need to know to get started in the fashion/design world from indie brand owner Halley M. of The Black Ribbon.

Suggested course reading: The Fashion Business Manual

Interested in more fashion design content? Be sure to watch Professor Halley’s Sizing in Small Business panel and the Lolitas in the Fashion Industry roundtable.

Social Media 101: A Cursory Intro to Social Media Networks


Professor Emma (she/her)

1:15 PM PDT / 4:15 PM EDT (60 min)

As J-Fashion enthusiasts we all use Instagram, but maybe you want to take a dive into another Social Media Network, or you just want to learn how to grow your audience. In this lesson, Nycticeivs, a 7+ year tenured Social Media Manager at an information technology company, will cover the basics of 3 networks (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), best practices for account management, content creation tips, social media self-care tips, and more.

Final Exams


Professor Obsixwi (she/her) & Pwofessow Emma (she/her)

2:30 PM PDT / 5:30 PM EDT (30 min)

Sharpen your number 2 pencils!

Our final J-Fashion University class will be a Kahoot quiz hosted on Twitch! Quiz prompts will consist of questions about the subjects that were taught over the course of the weekend. Join us on Sunday, September 5th at 2:30pm for a 30 minute stream and see what you learned throughout the event!

To participate, watch the stream on Twitch and enter the Kahoot Game Code when it appears. We only have room for 10 participants at a time. No registration is necessary, but because spots are limited, joining as a player will be decided by first-come first-serve basis.

For this event - the prize is KNOWLEDGE!

Graduation Ceremony


J-Fashion University Faculty

3:15 PM PDT / 6:15 PM EDT

Time to toss your caps in the air! Join us in celebrating the completion of your two-day university experience. We hope to send off our students equipped with as much knowledge as they need to start their J-fashion journeys! Also, be sure to stick around for announcements regarding future events.

Day 1
Day 2
Office Hours
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