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To vote in the coord contest, please watch the Fashion Walk video here! A link to the form will be in chat at the end of the video.

Fashion Walk
Coord Contest


Submit your J-fashion coordinates to participate in our Fashion Walk! All entries will be compiled into a video that will be streamed publicly on Twitch as a panel during Ursa Major². You can also enter your coordinate in our Coord Contest to win prizes from some of our participating brands, but entry in the Coord Contest is optional and not required in order to participate in the Fashion Walk video. All J-fashions are welcomed and encouraged to participate. We look forward to seeing how you wear your favorite J-fashions!

The Fashion Walk will be streamed as a panel on Saturday, May 29th on the Bay Area Kei Twitch channel

Please keep in mind that, while you may enter the Fashion Walk with as many coordinate submissions as you like, you may only submit one coordinate per category to the Coord Contest, and are only eligible to win one prize pack. This means you have a maximum of three contest entries, but can only win once!

Deadline for voting is Monday, May 31st at 5:00 PM PDT, and we will announce winners at the Closing Ceremony


You can opt-in to submitting an outfit to the contest by attaching a corresponding photo of your coordinate entry along with your video submission. Prizes include a selection of items and discount codes from our participating brands. The deadline for submission is Sunday, May 23rd, 11:59 PM PDT. Winners will be chosen via popular vote. A link to the voting form will be provided to attendees after the fashion walk airs on Saturday, May 29th.

Your contest entry can be submitted for a chance to win in one of the three theme categories - Andromeda, Corvus, and Pegasus

 Andromeda- Sweet/Classic lolita

🐦 Corvus - Gothic lolita/Aristocrat

🎠 Pegasus - All other J-fashion

Check out our previous winners on our Hall of Fame page!



Submission Rules:

  • You may submit multiple looks to the fashion walk, but only one entry per category for the Coord Contest.

  • All participants are only eligible to win one (1) prize pack.

  • If you won prizes at our last coord contest (Garnet Gateau), you are not eligible to win prizes in the Ursa Major² coord contest. However, we still encourage you to submit your looks to the fashion walk!

  • You MUST be 18 years or older to participate

  • Outfits must be a recognizable J-fashion

  • Ursa Major² is an all-ages event. Please ensure submissions are PG-13 and do not include extreme sexual or violent content

  • NO cosplay or costumes

  • NO replicas

In the spirit of fairness, while you are free to post your outfit to your personal social media and mention participating in the contest and our event, please do not ask your social media followers to vote for you or repost the link to the voting form. We will disqualify anyone who actively campaigns for votes. 

If your submission does not meet the above criteria, it will not be showcased in the Fashion Walk. Submissions will be screened, and we reserve the right to reject any entry we deem inappropriate.

Video format guidelines:

  • Landscape/Horizontal filming preferred

  • .mp4 or .mov file format preferred

  • NO LONGER THAN 20 SECONDS. Longer videos will be cut down. Background music/noise will be cut out.

  • You can submit pictures if you are unable to film a video.

  • Upload the video somewhere it can be downloaded (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive - NOT YouTube).

    • Please remember to make it public so we can access your video

Show off your outfit however you think it will look best! Closeup cuts, walking shots, panning up/down, and waving/looking at the camera are all good options! Please see the below videos for examples.

Theme: Ursa Major
You are not required to match the theme with your coord, but it is encouraged.

Ursa Major is a theme that focuses on our home state of California, as well as constellations in the night sky. You may choose to dress in motifs that are emblematic of the Golden State, such bears and other wildlife, forests, and costal imagery, or take inspiration from the sky above! 


To submit multiple coords, please submit a new form for each submission.

By submitting your media via the entry form, you acknowledge and understand that you are granting Bay Area Kei a limited license to edit images and repost to the Bay Area Kei social media channels, including (though not limited to) Facebook and Instagram.



​TourNewSoul - Coupon code for 30% off

Emily Temple Cute - 10% off discount on webstore

Paradise Rose Shop - $5 off code (expires Aug 31st)

Flores Astorum - Small accessory from Orishian

Mossbadger - Brooch and sticker set

Iris Garden - Drawers (choice of black or white)

Kuroshiro Kawaii - $10 Gift Card


Starcrossed Lovelies - Light Blue 'Clair de Lune' earrings

Siriusbound - 1 pin + 1 postcard

Eat Me Ink Me - 20% discount off total order

Kaneko - 15% off coupon code

Paradise Rose Shop - $5 off code (expires Aug 31st)



Eat Me Ink Me - 20% discount off total order

Flores Astorum - Mini corsage from MorunxMunna Stoik

Kaneko - 15% off coupon code

Siriusbound - 1 pin + 1 postcard

Mossbadger - Rosette

Kuroshiro Kawaii - $10 Gift Card

Empire Noir - $25 Gift Card


Siriusbound - 1 pin + 1 postcard

Eat Me Ink Me - 20% discount off total order

Kaneko - 15% off coupon code

Iris Garden - $20 coupon to Etsy shop
Mossbadger - Necklace



Flores Astorum - Exclusive “meteor night” design eyelashes from MYK WORK ​

Odd Monster - 10% off any one product

Pop Princess - 15% off coupon

Starcrossed Lovelies - Pink 'Otome Heroine' necklace

TourNewSoul -30% off total order

Paradise Rose Shop - $5 off code (expires Aug 31st)

The Black Ribbon - Beret


Glitter Bones Boutique - Free Pin​

Kuroshiro Kawaii - $10 Gift Card

Iris Garden - $10 coupon to Etsy shop

Starcrossed Lovelies -Sax Blue 'Bishoujo Bow Drop' earrings

TourNewSoul -30% off total order

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