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Tips and Tricks for Getting Dressed While Stuck in Traffic

In Los Angeles, there are two constants: death and traffic. Here are some tips and tricks to make your commute to your next meet go a little more smoothly. 

Safety first: always buckle up. 

Your safety is number 1, so make sure you always where a seat belt. Arriving safely at your destination is more important than adding the 4th necklace to your collection!

Copiloting is just as important as driving. 

If you’re a passenger, you don’t get to just sit back and relax! Copilots are responsible for getting directions, deciding on times, and keeping the driver hydrated and full of snacks. It’s a big responsibility, so make sure you’re on top of it!

Keep a pair of “car shoes” handy so you don’t have to drive in platforms or heels. 

Driving in heels or platforms is not only difficult, but it can put major wear and tear on the back of your right shoe. Instead, put on a pair of car shoes (like flats, sandals, or other slip on shoes) while you’re driving and put on your nice shoes when you reach your destination.

Put your large headwear on at your destination.

Nothing limits your field of vision quite like a Triple Fortune bonnet, what makes it difficult to check your blind spots while driving. Plus in some cars, your bonnet simply won’t fit! Do your hair at home and then put on your bonnet when you arrive at the meet. 

Make sure to put brooches on the right (so they won’t interfere with your seat belt.)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put my brooches on in the perfect arrangement, only to get in the car and realize that they’re right in the way of my seat belt! Try putting them on your collar, on the right side of your chest, or just put them on when you get to the meet. 

Don't forget your petticoat.

I don't like driving in my petticoat, so I have to remember to tuck it in the backseat. But nothing will put a damper on your coordinate quite like forgetting the foundation garments! Considering getting a second petticoat you keep in your car, or double checking that you grabbed it right before you head out the door!


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