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Petticoats That Help You Avoid Swamp Ass

Cage Skirts

The Black Ribbon Cage Crinoline / Fanplusfriend Steel Boned Birdcage Petticoat

Want to feel a cool breeze around your cheeks instead of sitting in a pool of your personal juices? Consider the cage skirt! You can layer petticoats or underskirts over a cage skirt to smooth out the harsh outline of the cage. Feel the gentle swaying as you walk, like a ship at sea.

Natural fiber petticoats/underskirts

If you hate the feeling of sticky polyester against your sweaty thighs, opt for a petticoat lined with, or entirely made of a natural fiber such as cotton! Plus, you're being like, soooo sustainable with this purchase.


Whilst not technically a petticoat, bloomers or shorts that help build a barrier between you and that yucky poly lining will help alleviate your swampy ass. Choose something lightweight or that uses natural fibers. Another benefit: now you can do cartwheels without flashing anyone!

Additional Tips

If you're worried about chafing, you can also put baby powder or specialized creams on your thighs! And if it's too hot to wear a petticoat, maybe simply, don't? Don't worry, we won't call the police on you.


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