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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ October 2023: Horror

My three-word horror story for the month was "recurring hormonal migraines"...

It’s true - there’s nothing more horrific than The General Public

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: Horror

Relatedly, if anyone was wondering “will The General Public still be weird to goth girls in a pumpkin patch?” the answer, in my Norcal experience, is “Oh, totally”

Apparently sunshowers occur as a result of fox weddings, which means there’s a lot of foxes tying the knot in the Central Valley


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Reader, I got randomly distracted thinking about where the stress assignment is for the word ‘lolidrobe’. (But also, it’s the usual Spreadsheet Lolita Content you know and love.)

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 66 It’s true - these sort of classic lolita looks can be shockingly hefty!

Ah yes, the consequences of Job…wouldn’t know anything about that…nope…


Dearie Dawn

Fun fact: a member of Bay Area Kei dressed up as Little Bo Peep once. If you know, you know.

Okay but did anyone make that hypothetical Mana-sama coord a photoshop reality?



I have questions about an extremely specific simile used in this post. You’ll know it when you see it.


Hello Lizzie Bee

LuluBee date ♡ Liz Lisa co*de This yank had to look up what Chicken Normandy is…(yes I’m sure it is readily available in restaurants on this side of the pond)

Whenever I see avocado dishes in other places, my eyes gaze into middle distance wondering about global prices for produce…


Josine Maaike

Longtime Bay Area Kei fans might remember I found out this print in lavender doesn’t bleed in a Very Horrifying Way



Nights of the Jack – Halloween Meet Up “From Spongebob to graveyard” is certainly a clause that has never before been uttered in the history of the English language

In which the blog author immediately anticipates your question and thoroughly answers it

I feel like you can instantly guess a lolita’s internet age by their immediate reaction to this event concept…


Mahou Queen

Okay but they don’t sell ketchup chips in Western New York? MAXICIMAM Headdress Review It’s true - MAXICIMAM has been a go-to for basics like this for years!

The sweets tend to be a fan of this one! The Disappointment of Sugar Hearts 2023 Real question: how do the sweets keep track of all these prints? Do you have flashcards? Taobao Haul + Review #7 People complain about pinks, but they forget about…lavenders…



I don’t sew with knits either, because I value what little time I have on this blue-green star

Yagasuri Quilt: The Finishing, The Reveal

Ah yes, Walking Foot is an important foot…



I forgot not to work on this blog without a snack…

(Rodney Dangerfield voice) Ozz On gets no respect, I tells ya, no respect!

My insatiable hunger deepens…


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