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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ November 2023: Versatility

Remember when people used to say you couldn't use stuff from the thrift store in a lolita coordinate? Is this still in the bad advice mixed greens salad? Anyways.

Cupcakes & Unicorns - Versatility vs Creativity

Fun fact: everything in the dictionary is determined by whichever lexicographer won the argument about that particular entry.

Don’t worry, no one is ever less punctual than yours truly.

Tired? Boobloaf. Wired? Quadboob.

I don't know much but I'm learning - Bibliotheca November Prompt: Versatility

Remember kids, experts agree: the key part of most Japanese alt fashion is layering!

I spy, a familiar item from a familiar brand...


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Saving is one thing…budgeting, on the other hand…

Okay but seriously, Japanese train stations have had a Known Issue with stairs for decades now…


Dearie Dawn

It’s true - good signage is important

I wonder if poutine is to Montreal as deep-dish pizza is to Chicago…


Hello Lizzie Bee

Nothing says fall like a brown coordinate!

Lizzie competing with Stephano for “blogger who made Kelp unbearably hungry while writing up the newsletter”



Thank you for your service!

Oh right, the Cluster strategy…



This post has Dog. Click to previous post for Tansu.


of thread and mind

Ah yes, it’s time for resolutions…



Swimwear! You don’t see that every day…

I’m not a fan of ogura toast (don’t vibe with red bean paste) but I love pizza toast! (But it’s not a Nagoya thing. I promise I’m still on topic.)

I was waiting for the explanation of their brand name and Stephano did not disappoint.


Wear Your Bows

Banana-shaped banana bread is somehow weird to me. I don’t know why.

It’s true - the buildings in SF Japantown can be oddly warm due to Too Much Glass…

My niece is really into those fancy pea flower drinks, but weirdly I’ve yet to have one…


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