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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ March 2023: Hats and Headwear

This month was all about stuff you put on your head! (No one took the metaphorical route...)

Come for the history lesson, stay for the arcade gun accessorizing.

Cupcakes and Unicorns - If the hat doesn't fit...

A helpful guide for matching hairstyles with headwear!

Did I accidentally start the Mini Hat Wars? Probably not.

You know that Gordon Ramsay image macro- wait. meme. Anyways! Some good headwear in this post!

I procrastinated on this for weeks cuz I was determined to have lots of pictures…

In California, we have this thing called “the Santa Ana winds” and they don’t mess around!

Fun fact: Toyota likes to name car models after ‘crowns’, and the ‘Camry’ is based on kanmuri! Global Branding! Wow.

Okay I was hoping we got a beret post, they are deffo having a moment right now.


Crimson Reflections

Once again, Betteridge’s Law of Headlines applies…

An in-depth review of a whole lotta AP dresses!


Cupcakes & Unicorns

We speak from experience: lolitas at events always want More Socializing.

Me out here wondering the pricing scheme of all this custom lace brands use nowadays.

Research shows Japanese alternative fashion is all about layering. (No, really.)

Seasonal weather-related English proverbs? This Californian can’t relate.


Dearie Dawn

It’s true, the most important quality of a cosplay prop is “Easy to carry around all day”

I recently learned about ‘eye installs’...the rabbit hole of Doll Stuff…



Don’t make this. Please.

Trying to expand your shibuya-kei horizons but the algorithm isn’t cooperating? There’s sure a lot of names you can google in this post!

I played a really old RPG over on my Twitch stream this month! (Oh, uh, spoilers and all that.)


Luna by the Lake with Cake

That’s an impressive Resources page! Congrats on finishing the tedious task of Website Maintenance


Mahou Queen

Nothing like lake-effect snow to really spice up a con weekend!

I feel like I see these fake grass walls with colorful lit signs in boba places a lot…is there a boba place interior decorating monthly?

This seems to be a popular thought experiment these days...



Fêtes Galantes! 2019 Live vicariously on yet another Sporkii vacation in Versailles- wait that doesn’t flow quite right. I tried.

Part two!



Catch up on the last year of one of our latest blog circle members!

It’s true, never met a person who doesn't love wonder clips…



I regularly joke about getting on the Galaxy Express Three Nine to get my robot body…

Stephano lucks into a cool concert featuring an up-and-coming artist!


Sweet Dreams

And it’s a good one!

Whenever someone says Team Building that one Flight of the Conchords song just starts playing in my head…

Whenever I’ve ordered souffle pancakes they always give me a dire warning about the wait time…as if I’m gonna order something else instead…at the souffle pancake place…


Wear Your Bows

This is a Bay Area favorite, but how did it measure up? Click thru to find out!

No clotted cream?? Well, I’m out.


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