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Winter in the Woodlands

Kanzashi Christmas Flower Accessories From Scrap Fabric Workshop

Date / Time

12/12/20, 6:00 PM

90 min

Hosted by:

Learn simple Japanese fabric flower making techniques in a 90min online craft workshop with Jessica Corlett. Use whatever fabric scraps you have to create festive hair accessories and other Christmas decorations for your home. It’s origami done with fabric!

Supply list

Traditionally Kanzashi were made from tiny squares of left-over kimono silk. They are worn as hair ornaments with kimono and yukata as Japanese festivals. The flowers themselves are super simple to make and only require a little beginner level hand sewing. Even a novice

can create attractive results the first time.

You can make kanzashi from any leftover thin fabric you have lying around in your house. You only need small pieces. It could be some scraps of silk, cotton or an old t-shirt.

Materials needed for the main part of the workshop:

  • Fabric scraps. Thin fabric works best. Silks, cotton and synthetics are all good options.

  • Needle and thread

  • Beads or buttons

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

Additional optional materials:

  • Felt (or other non-fraying fabric) to finish the back of the design

  • Cotton string, cord, or embroidery thread for the dangling flower stem

  • Brooch back / hair clips / headband

The Teacher

Jessica Corlett (@jessica_flapjac) is a full time professional Arts & Events Coordinator based in London, UK. She has worked in film and television for the likes of Disney, Warner Bros and the BBC as well as for theatre and the UK fashion industry. Did someone say ‘Downton Abbey’?

Her specialism is textile and fashion workshops and events with historical and cute concepts. She runs the Otome Sewing Bee which is a free J-fashion and pretty vintage crafts and dressmaking club. She also manages her own small business Flapjac Fashion-

craft Events.

Check her out on instagram or on her website

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