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Grayscale Glamour ~ A Specialty Makeup Lesson with Dollfille~

Date / Time

10/30/20, 10:45 PM

90 min

Toshi Salvino / Dollfille

Hosted by:

Join Dollfille as she teaches you how to do grayscale makeup to look like you stepped out of a film from the past. . . or another realm of existence. This will be a step-by-step tutorial using minimal makeup and PLENTY of art theory; learning grayscale makeup will enhance your skills in a way you never had considered before! This lesson will focus on contouring, highlighting, and sculpting the face, as well as having plenty of useful overall tips for any type of makeup application.


Printable version here


  • Primer - Becca lavender primer (any primer is fine)

  • Serum - Danessa Myricks Beauty Oil (10/10 I recommend)

  • Setting Spray - MAC Fix+ (Elf matte setting spray is almost exact dupe)

  • White Foundation -MAC HD Foundation in White.  LA GIRL white foundation is nice as long as you have a more opaque white to layer on top

  • Black, White and Grey cream pigment- Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cream Palette “Primary” (good alternative is the imagic flash palette or ben nye creme foundations. You could even use lipsticks! )

  • Translucent Setting Powder (Ben Nye Transluscnt powder is a holy grail!)

  • White Highlighter (using a duochrome highlighter adds some fun color pops to this otherwise monochrome look!) I’ll be using Synopsis by JDGlow Cosmetics, as well as Vanilla mini pigment by MAC.


Lunatik Cosmetics Labs contour palette 2  -ill be using this palette for both face and eyes

  • Black eyeshadow (Danessa Myricks micro metals for me )

  • white eyeshadow (sugarpill tako is best!)

  • silver eyeshadow (Silverlake by Sugarpill)

  • dark grey eyeshadow

  • Light grey eyeshadow

  • Black Liquid Eyeliner (SharpMe by Crayon case is a great cheap one! Or NYX Epic Ink Liner or Wet n Wild brush liner)

  • White Gel Eyeliner (Inglot Gel Liner #76 is my ultimate fav! NYX makes a good cheap one, danessa myricks colorfix, Depixm 0004, mac chromaline all good alternatives)

  • Mascara

  • Glitterrrr!!  I’ll be using a holographic glitter from MAC

  • NYX Mixing Medium (Eyelash glue is ok)


  • Mega Moth Lashes (use code GRAMARYE for a special discount <3

  • Black body paint

  • White body paint

  • White Liquid Eyeliner (NYX White is the best for this, but white bodypaint is also ok. SharpMe Liner in White by the Crayon Case is also good and cheap!)

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