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Gramarye: Afterlife

Possessed Pinions: a Wing Accessory Craft-Along

Date / Time

11/5/22, 6:45 PM

90 min

Hosted by:

Phantom Moonflower will show you how to put together picture-perfect poseable phalanges perfect for the most sophisticated of psychopomps. Bring supplies to pay the toll, a pattern will guide your way.

Possessed Pinions: a Wing Accessory Craft-Along

with Molly Moonflower

~ Welcome to the hereafter, the world without end, the mutable monotony ~

Materials List

  • Pattern: Download Here

  • Craft Foam (at minimum 1 12x18 in sheet at 2mm. Add more sheets if you plan to enlarge the pattern or do multiple colors)

  • Wire at least a couple of yards of 22 gauge steel floral wire. (I’ve been using Ashland Floral Wire 22 gauge with nice results). You may need more or heavier wire if you enlarge your wings or add heavy decorations.

  • Wire Cutters and Needle Nose Pliers or one that does both

  • Lace / Ribbon / Cloth / Elastic Straps for attaching the wings around the shoulders. 2 yards is a good minimum.

  • Heat Source / Iron / Heat Gun and a piece of scrap cloth to protect your iron if you are using one

  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

  • Scissors / Craft Knife

  •  Pen /Pencil

  • Trims / Gems / Feathers / Glitter / Foliage or anything else you would like to decorate your wings or wing base with.

  • *Optional* Small Hard Round Objects (like large marbles) for heat shaping foam onto

  • *Optional* Dress Form (Not necessary, but if you have one, it can be helpful for sizing the back plate)

Helpful Links


Craft Foam (at minimum 1 12x18 in sheet at 2mm) 1, 2

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