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Sunday, February 7th, 2021

Heartstrings: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Pacific / 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern

Lovestruck: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Pacific / 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Eastern

If you are in another time zone, here is a time zone converter. All times for this event are in Pacific Time. 


Open registration for the Social Mixer is now closed! If you missed the registration deadline, you can still sign up for the waitlist below, and we will contact you when a spot opens up. To register for the waitlist, we still do require guests to either donate to our chosen charity or repost a social media image, which guarantees both a waitlist spot and a charity drawing entry for the chance to win prizes from our participating vendors. To learn more about the charity drawing, click here


You have been invited to attend the Garnet Gateau Social Mixer on February 7th, 2021, which will take place in the Bay Area Kei Event Discord. Rather than a fixed room with assigned seating, you will have the opportunity to switch from room to room based on your interests! This Social Mixer will have 6 rooms with specific themes with related activities. This event will have limited seating! Please let us know that you will be attending by filling out the RSVP form linked below. We will open the form on January 16th, 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST, and will close registrations on January 23rd, 11:59PM PST, or if seating is filled before the deadline. J-fashion dress code is encouraged but not required, as we understand that some people do not have access to their wardrobes at this time.


Because attendees have the option to hop from room to room, we will auto-cap rooms at 10 attendees per room. Here are the room themes that will be available for you to participate in:

  • Free Chat: It’s free chat! Come in and chat about whatever! 

  • Lifestyle: Work on your craft in this room! The title “lifestyle” is meant to cover crafting and gathering hobbies. Are you an avid baker with spicy takes on sea salt flakes? Want to show off your latest mushroom foraging haul? Want to just chill and work on your embroidery piece or finish a painting? Come hang out here! 

  • Spooky Central: "This is my room! It was made for me!" - Obsixwi  
    Hey all you spooky ghouls and ghosts! We’ll be chatting about all things gothic and things otherwise deemed “sPoOkY”in this room. It’s kinda like a goth rave in an early 2000s vampire movie.

  • Party Games: In this room, a moderator will be hosting Jackbox games (and maybe a few other surprise games.)

  • Gaming General: Want to sit around and grind out some crafting levels with some pals? Or show off your Island in Animal Crossing? Come hang out and take care of your dailies in Gaming General! 

  •  J-Fashion General: For all you J-Fashion fans who want to chat about brands, accessories, hauls stuck in EMS limbo, show off your coordinate, and more! A moderator will be hosting some of our more casual tea party games in this room.


We have planted a letter in each room moderator's screen - 6 total letters! Unscramble the letters into our secret word and submit your answer for a chance to win free entry to the next Bay Area Kei virtual tea party.


Each mixer will have its own secret word and answers will not be accepted until AFTER the last mixer ends, and can be submitted in a Google form that will be published in the Discord and on this page at the end of the event. 


We will randomly draw 5 correct answers from both time slots (for a total of 10 winners) and contact the winners via email.


Due to the limited seating of this event, we are asking that attendees submit proof of entry to our Charity Drawing by donating to the Transgender Law Center, our chosen beneficiary for this event OR reposting our Transgender & Nonbinary educational post on Instagram. 

To register to participate in the tea party you can either:

  • Submit proof of donation of $10 USD or more to the Transgender Law Center, our chosen beneficiary for this event. This donation will be non-transferable/non-refundable.


  • Repost our educational post on Instagram, “like” the original post, tag a friend, and follow the Bay Area Kei Instagram account. This post must stay up for the duration of the event. 

Please see the Charity Drawing page for more information about our chosen charity and entry details. You will be asked to submit proof in the RSVP form. All Social Mixer attendees will automatically receive one (1) Charity Drawing entry. For an additional chance at winning prizes, you may submit another entry via the form linked on the Charity Drawing page


We are capping this event at 40 participants for each time slot (80 total) to maintain a quality experience, so please plan to register ASAP as slots may fill up quickly. If reservations fill up before the deadline, you can still fill out the form to be placed into our waitlist. If a seat opens up, you will be contacted via email. Open seats are first come first serve.


Attendees will be assigned a specific role that allows access to each mixer room in our Event Discord Server. This allows for small groups of people to easily chat and participate in activities led by the room moderator. We will ask for your username in the RSVP form, so please have a Discord account before signing up. If you are unfamiliar with Discord, here is our video guide to help you best utilize it for a virtual social mixer or event. We also have a tech guide available on our webpage as well as in the server.


If you have filled out the form correctly, you should receive an automatic receipt from Google Forms via email with your answers. If you do not see this receipt you may not have completed the form properly.

After we close the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email from our team with specific guidelines and information. We will continue to follow up to that email address with any additional information, so please make sure the email address is correct and to check your spam folder for any missed messages.

Please read the RSVP form carefully. You may contact us at if you have any questions.

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