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February 4th, 6:00 PM PDT


A shy, introverted student helps the school jock woo a girl whom, secretly, they both want. 

Must have access to a Netflix account

February 5th, 8:00 PM PDT


While home sick in bed, a young boy's grandfather reads him the story of a farmboy-turned-pirate who encounters numerous obstacles, enemies and allies in his quest to be reunited with his true love.

Must have access to a Disney+ account


Love is in the air! Time to get cozy for a pre-event RomCom movie night ♥ 

Join Bay Area Kei as we watch two love-themed films on Thursday, February 4th, and check out the recommendations by Mindy & Purestmaiden below for movies to watch in your own free time!

How to join:

  1. You must have access to a Netflix or Disney+ account (depending on the movie you wish to watch)

  2. Install Netflix Party (now Teleparty) in your browser

  3. Right before the designated screening time, we will post a link to join the viewing in our Discord server

  4. Click the link and click the Teleparty icon to sync and join the movie watching session! (Please note that if you do not click the icon in your browser, it will not allow you to join the room. You will know if it you have successfully joined if you see the chat window.)

No sign-ups for our movie-watching events are necessary.  

Please note that a watch room can only hold up to 50 users, so this is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Check out some of Bay Area Kei's favorite RomCom movies whenever you want!

13 GOING ON 30 (2004)

In this feel-good fairy tale, teenager Jenna wants a boyfriend, and when she's unable to find one, she fantasizes about being a well-adjusted adult. Suddenly, her secret desire becomes a reality, and she is transformed into a 30-year-old.


Childhood sweethearts have a falling out and don't speak for 15 years, only reconnecting as adults when Sasha runs into Marcus in San Francisco. Although the old sparks are still there, the couple live in different worlds.

AMÉLIE (2001)

Amélie is a fanciful comedy about a young woman who discretely orchestrates the lives of the people around her, creating a world exclusively of her own making.


Shallow, rich and socially successful Cher is at the top of her Beverly Hills high school's pecking scale. Seeing herself as a matchmaker, Cher first coaxes two teachers into dating each other. Emboldened by her success, she decides to give hopelessly klutzy new student Tai  a makeover.

EMMA (2020)

Following the antics of a young woman, Emma Woodhouse, who lives in Georgian- and Regency-era England and occupies herself with matchmaking - in sometimes misguided, often meddlesome fashion- in the lives of her friends and family.

EASY A (2010)

Prompted by her popular best friend to spill details of her boring weekend, Olive, a clean-cut teen, decides to spice things up by telling a little lie about losing her virginity. 

MR. RIGHT (2015)

A woman comes to a crossroad when she finds out that her new beau is a professional assassin who kills the people who hire him instead of the intended targets.

SET IT UP (2018)

Two overworked and underpaid assistants come up with a plan to get their bosses off their backs by setting them up with each other.

SHE'S THE MAN (2006)

Viola Johnson is in a real jam. Complications threaten her scheme to pose as her twin brother, Sebastian, and take his place at a new boarding school.

SHREK (2001)

Witness the love of a beautiful green ogre as Smash Mouth serenades you.


In 1977, college graduates Harry Burns and Sally Albright share a contentious car ride from Chicago to New York, during which they argue about whether men and women can ever truly be strictly platonic friends.

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