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Be a doll and read the latest edition of...listen. I couldn't think of anything that wasn't cringeworthy.

Dearie Dawn - Starlight’s Yumekawaii & Barbiecore outfits Doll fashion for the occasion of a fashionable doll's cinematic event (you know the one)

I Don't Know Much But I'm Learning - Bibliotheca July Prompt: Dolls

Mori kei dolls! That’s it, that’s the post.

Kelp - Pinky:st

I didn’t write about Barbie (although I totally could have)

Mahou Queen - Bibliotheca: Dolls

For a second I thought this first Barbie was the one I had with roller skates that make sparks? Which seems…inappropriate for a child’s toy??

My niece has watched the second Trolls (Trollz? no. maybe?) movie enough times to have it memorized


Crimson Reflections

Lolita History: Pretty Did you know AP used to be just…P…okay I thought this would work better than it did.

The MTO may have ended, but if you ever wanted a step-by-step guide on how to order from AtePie (and get that sweet overseas discount), it’s all laid out here!


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Ah yes, fake flowers, the classic…classic..lolita hair accessory

Fun fact: technically Kelp has never gone on a date! (I’d say put that on my tombstone, but I don’t plan on having one. Not in a weird vampire way. Wait, do vampires have tombstones?)


Dearie Dawn

How did I not know there was “fabric spray paint”...


Hello Lizzie Bee

I am Team Waffles…though I do enjoy those souffle pancakes…

A big box with a big surprise!

Code orange!!!!! Another onee look + yummy lunch There are two wolves inside of you: “yes, Halloween stuff” and “the passage of time is unrelentless”

Honestly, the last chunk of this sounds like they had too many applicants…

I presented a piece on gal mamas at a research conference once…wait. Twice? (You recycle stuff a lot in grad school.)



Let me Live a Live An orb shaped like a chicken? A certain legally distinct pro wrestler? One (1) girl? It’s…all here???

As they say, the first step at getting good at something is being really bad at it. (But let’s hope I do better going forward.)

The next entry in my challenge-themed dessert deeds, this time with a “cold soufflé” (which no, isn’t actually a soufflé). Jelly July: Charlotte Russe

Which needlessly complicated variant of Bavarian cream will reign supreme? Well, this one looks better, I guess. Jelly July: Chaud-froid

A hot…cold…savory gelatin dish? Of which an aspic is only one component? The final challenge awaits…



There sure are a lot of mobile games about being waitstaff… Anime Expo 2023 – Event Report If you know, you know (that it was of course hot and crowded), so read on for what else was going on this year! Three fun drinks to serve at your next summer tea party

I had to laugh at “you don’t wanna serve hot tea in this record-breaking heat” followed by “here’s what kinda booze to add to all these”. This teetotaler reminds y’all to drink responsibly in extreme weather.

Thinking about attending this regular Socal event? Check out the latest themed iteration!

Do you read books without pictures? For fun? (Don’t become a copy editor, kids.)


Mahou Queen




It’s true kiddos - relying solely on machine translation is generally a bad idea…


R.R. Memorandum

A lot of flower language is questionable, but sometimes there really is a code!



A Stephano post involving a lot of food themes that doesn’t make me hungry? It’s a Christmas in July miracle.

“I’ve heard about the legend of Buc-ees” *nods solemnly*

We here at Bay Area Kei call Iris “the hardest-working show in woman business”


Wear Your Bows

I’ve been to this one! Also, it passes the clotted cream test Event Report: j.ardsale Hey, it’s us! Thanks for attending! (Also I too have a Jane Marple piece I got for cheap secondhand due to the blind hem coming undone too…thanks JM???) Tea Review: iChina

Is it still trendy to stick a lowercase <i> onto things?


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