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Join us at J-Fashion University for your online education. Classes begin on September 4th, 8:00 AM PDT. All classes will be hosted on the Bay Area Kei Twitch channel unless otherwise noted. Final exams and the graduation ceremony will take place on Sunday!

Saturday, September 4th
Day 1

Petticoats 101: Everything You Need To Know About Petticoats

3:00 PM

60 min

Learn everything you need to know about petticoats. Fluffy Kawaii Jo will share what she learned in researching and comparing 15 different petticoats. She will talk about shape, size, comfort, length, material, poof level, where to buy and how to find the perfect one for you!

Lolita Fashion 101

Cursed Kaiser (she/they)

5:15 PM

75 min

New to Lolita and need to learn the basics of dressing and styling in this wonderful style? Please check out the Lolita Fashion 101 panel!

Where to Buy: Lolita Fashion & Accessories

Mindy (she/her)

5:45 PM

75 min

Want to know where to buy all the poofy dresses and matching accessories? Come join and learn all the places to shop, from brand to indie to secondhand, we'll cover it all!

Para Para 075: Becoming a Para Para All-Star Without Actually Getting Up and Moving


7:15 PM

75 min

Do you want to learn more about para para without actually learning a para para routine? What do gyaru have to do with a substyle of eurodance? And why is Mickey Mouse waving his arms around on TV?Join Kai as we go over the long history of para para from the 80s to today!

Ultimate Gyaru 101: Guide to Start in the Style


8:45 PM

60 min

Gyaru is a subculture that was born in the early 90s to go against Japanese beauty and behavioral standards. During the last years we've seen the third boom which came with a lot of new people interested in joining the style and wanting to learn more about that. In this panel you'll learn all the basics to be Gyaru. Where that comes from? How can you start? Which are the Gyaru substyles and how to can choose for yourself? And much more.

J-fashion of the Last Decade: Cult Party-kei and Dolly-kei

Avina-Kei (they/them), Melancholiaah (he/him)

10:00 PM

90 min

J-fashion trends and movements, due to how reliant they are on stores that provide community spaces and dictate trends, can seemingly disappear overnight. Two fashions from the early 2010s that had fell out of favor by the end of the decade, yet are frequently confused with each other, are Cult Party-kei and Dolly-kei. In this panel, we'll talk about the aesthetics and evolution of the styles, how to bring their influence into your wardrobe, and discuss how they have evolved and currently exist in communities, both online and offline.

Posing Panel 101

Plentiful Pie (she/her)

11:45 PM

60 min

The perfect outfit deserves the perfect photo! Not sure what to do in front of the camera? Professor Plentiful Pie (with a PhD in Posing the house down) will give practical tips and examples for looking your best!

Old School for Newbies

Shay (they/them)

1:00 AM

60 min

Do you long after pieces in GLB snaps? Want to learn to love cotton? Bored of border prints? Join frillSquid on a journey through the recent past to learn how to wear lolita in an old-school style.

Creating Your Mori Kei Wardrobe

Kathryn (she/her)

2:15 AM

45 min

Have you ever wanted to start wearing Mori Kei, but were unsure where to start? This panel will help you to navigate the waters of starting your own Mori wardrobe. From what kind of clothes to buy, fabrics, cuts, and layering, we will walk through the best ways to start exploring mori fashion for yourself.

Becoming a Decora Kid!

Kamilah (she/her) of Hard Decora, Monique (they/them)

3:15 AM

60 min

Discover the freedom of dressing like the rainbow and beyond by jumping into Decora fashion! With community leaders Kamilah and Monique (the founders of International Decora Day, Emptying the Clips Comic, and much more) you will get expert knowledge in clashing patterns and piling on stickers!

Saturday, September 5th
Day 2

Beauty is Pain: J-Fashion in the Mental Health Sphere

Jehlei (she/her), Puvithel (she/her), Lulu Van Hoagland (she/her)

3:00 PM

Feminism, activism, and self-care are intertwined with the wear and creation of Japanese street fashions. Your frills are your armor; Come learn more about JFashion’s mental healther and activism roots – and the psychology behind it – with artist Lulu VanHoagland, menhera designer Puvithel, and therapist Jehlei! *trigger warning: discussions of mental health

Whimsical World of Wigs


4:30 PM


Wig woes wearing you down? Too tired to tussle with tangled tendrils? Look no further! Whether it’s styling, detangling, wearing, or buying wigs, there’s something to be learned by any wig wearer in this witty wig wrangling walk-through! In this panel we’ll review wigs from a few different brands, talk about detangling, and go over a few styling tips for Lolita and daily wear. Got long hair – no problem! We’ll talk about a few solutions for wigging with long hair, too!

Coping Through Art – Menhera

Puvithel (she/her)

5:45 PM

Menhera is casual, cute, and a self-expression of our struggles, sickness, and symptoms with origins rooted in activism. Come learn about this fashion with indie designer Puvithel. *trigger warning: discussions of mental health

J-Fashion and Social Media

Mindy (she/her), Obsixwi (she/her), Stephano Buttcape (she/her), Hannah/Cake (she/her), Cursed Kaiser (she/they)

7:00 PM

A discussion of how social media has affected J-fashion culture and advice on how you can further your reach while remaining genuine and socially accountable without letting social media adversely affect your own notion of self-worth. *trigger warning: discussions of mental health, body image

Mori Kei: An Introduction to Forest Fashion

Madeline (she/her)

8:45 PM

“Mori Kei: The look of a person who lives in the forest.” Mori girl, Madeline, will take you on a tour through the history and basics of Mori Kei. Discover how you can join this enchanting fashion subculture and lifestyle!

Voices in the Kawaii Riot

10:00 PM

We will be introducing the Kawaii Riot Project along with sharing the importance of conversations, education, and accessibility for activism in the community. Panelists will share how advocacy and alternative fashion unite and what advocacy means for them. Our panelists will review some of the points they wish had more platforms in the community discussions and how social change is essential for the community to take part in.

Mixing Alternative Styles for Beginners

Kamilah (she/her) of Hard Decora

11:15 PM

Are you in love with multiple styles of alternative fashion and wish you could just wear them all? In this panel by illustrator/designer of Hard Decora will teach you how to quench your thirst for multiple styles without looking like a confused mess.
Day 1
Day 2
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